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New Teachers: You are not alone featuring Katy Gibson

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

I interviewed a co-author of EduMagic Shine On: A Guide for New Teachers, Katy Gibson. She shares her teaching story during this episode and advises new teachers and recent December grads! Check it out!

Teaching Journey

At first, Katy started in a different major- electrical engineering! She always had education in her mind and found her passion for teaching middle-level math and science. Often we forget our middle school years, but Katy is a great advocate and teacher for the students in her class.

First year teaching experience

After graduation, Katy traveled to the DC area and shared that her first year was wonderful but hectic. She worked on classroom management throughout her first year. After that, she moved to central PA and was a paraprofessional for a student in a learning support classroom. This year she is teaching 6th-grade science and social studies. She calls herself a utility player in the classroom and works hard to get to know her students.

Why did you co-author EduMagic Shine On?
  • I had a great mentor, but I wish I had the opportunity to chat and share with other educators that were also new to education.

  • Build the community with other beginning teachers.

  • Connecting with others who are new.

Advice for beginning teachers

  • Reflect often!

  • Write down those notes about a lesson. What went well, what can be improved upon, and did students meet the objectives? Were they engaged?

  • Take time and make time for yourself!

Advice for recent grads
  • Make sure the school is a good fit for you!

  • Research the school before going into a position

  • Ask about a mentor and new teacher partnership

Remember, friends, and you have the EduMagic in YOU!

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