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Observation with trust and support featuring Craig Randall

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Welcome back to another episode of the EduMagic podcast. This episode is all about observations! Maybe you have had a great experience with observations - either way. You will get great tips from Craig Randall. Let's get this episode started! Craig starts by sharing his teaching journey; wow, that journey is full of twists and turns. His passion for observation started during this teaching career and principal certification. He noticed principals need to be in classrooms with teachers sharing conversations and helping students and teachers learn, grow, and glow.

We want opportunities for growth. - Craig Randall

When Craig observes a teacher, he starts by sharing his strengths and what glows he notices. By starting with strengths, it builds strengths - and just like each of our students has so many strengths, so do our teachers! So do YOU! Craig believes in developing relational trust between principals and teachers, leading to risk-taking and growth. He is a consultant, trainer, and speaker. Craig is the author of Trust-Based Observat ons. Next, he would open a dialogue based on trust. Mr. Randall shares ways to start building relationships with your mentor teacher and supervisor from your college.

Mr. Randall details his trust-based observation method:

  • build relationships

  • trust both sides

  • start with strengths

  • encourage educators to take risks in their teaching and learning

  • we all have areas that glow and grow in education

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