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Own your PD with Podcasts- top podcasts that you need to add to your playlist now

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Hello Friends,

Honestly, I just started listening to podcasts this summer to improve my practice. I wish I had started sooner! Keep in mind I listen to education related podcasts. These are amazing resources for teachers, by teachers. They range in topics from content specific to educational technology tools to best practices. Never stop learning, growing, and challenging yourself to be the best educator you can be for students.

So, I am going to share with you my podcast playlist! These are my favorite podcasts that help me to improve my practice and learn from the greats in the educational field. Here they are in no particular order!

  1. House of Edtech - Learn all out edtech tools ad how to use them in your classroom with a purpose and meaning behind them. I always leave with new tools to try out with my preservice teachers.

  2. Teachers need Teachers - This podcast is designed for new and beginning educators. Kim Lepre offers sound advice, tangible takeaways, and strategies to help you thrive during the first year of teaching.

  3. EdTech Bites - Warning do not listen to this show when you are hungry! LOL! Gabriel Carillo does such a beautiful job pairing food and edtech. They go so great together.

  4. 10 minute teacher podcast - This show by Vicki Davis always leaves me with all the teaching feels - inspired, encouraged, and driven to do better for my students. Give it a listen, each day of the week has a different theme, they are all fantastic.

  5. Teachers on Fire - Three words to describe this podcast - uplifting, inspiring, and engaging. It's never a dull day with Tim Cavey on the mic! Teachers on fire interviews game changers in education and how they are taking the education world by storm.

  6. Teach Better Talk - One word to describe this podcast is passion! Rae and Jeff are a dynamic duo who tackle issues related to failing, getting back up and trying again, and greatest teaching moments.

  7. Leader of Learning - Dan Kreiness has an amazing line up of guests and speakers who join his podcast each week. He interviews them on topics related to education, leading, and learning.

  8. The Dr. Will Show - I love listening to the Dr. Will show on Monday mornings. His energy and excitement just set the tone of the day. Dr. Will supports educators and entrepreneurs to live their best life. His story is so awesome he made a movie about it - check it out The Edupreneur .

  9. Planning period - Brad Shreffler puts on a great show where he challenges and pushes the envelope in education with guests and interviews. You will get tons of nuggets of awesomeness from this show.

  10. Teaching Tales - This is another podcast that I always leave feeling better about teaching and learning. Brent Coley's energy is contagious and the stories that he shares will inspire your teaching heart. For more inspiration, Brent recently published a book called EduInfluence .

  11. EduMatch Tweet and Talk - Via podbeam is a great resource for any educator or administrator in K-12, higher ed included! Stories on this podcast will make you think, laugh, and challenge you as an educator.

  12. Teachers Aid - A podcast that is there to encourage, support, and challenge our thinking of what it means to be an educator with all of the feels that go along with it.

  13. The Teacher's Journey - Join Brian Costello as he hosts teachers each week and has conversations about education, learning, and leading.

  14. The Bedley Bros - Edulicious education talk where Scott and Tim (yes, they are brothers) share about educational topics for educators by educators. I always leave this podcast with new ideas to implement into my classroom with my preservice teachers.

  15. Edusations- This podcast is hosted by Phil Strunk and I listen to his stuff to learn more how to level up my best practices and techniques for my teachers in training.

  16. Overthrowing Education with host Batsheva Frankel. If you like interviews and game shows then this is the podcast for you! Batsheva has practical tips to your class right away! Enjoy!

The bottom line, my new go to for PD on my time is to listen to a podcast episode or two! Which podcasts are you go to for learning and leading - comment below with your favorite podcast show for teachers.

So, now what?

Well, friends there you have it! Sixteen podcasts that you need to add to your playlists wherever you listen to podcasts. All of these inspire, encourage, and challenge me to be a great educator. I hope that they do the same for you.

Remember, you have the EduMagic in YOU!

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