Perspective from a Future Teacher: Reflection on the fall 2020 school year

Before the fall 2020 semester started, I had so many expectations for how my first semester of college, as an education major, would go. I pictured going into elementary classrooms to observe teaching and to have all in-person classes. Well, none of that happened. I started this semester feeling a lack of confidence in what I would learn, considering I was going into a form of college that I never expected. Looking back now, this semester has brought me so many tools for becoming a successful future teacher.

First, outside of my classes, I had been given the opportunity to attend about six educational webinars. Some of these webinars included the topics of promoting inclusivity into the classroom, learning a rough draft math technique, and even learning different technological learning tools from our own, Samantha Fecich! I am truly grateful to everyone that had taken the time to put the webinars together. They have given me the chance to build on my skills as a future teacher and I have gained more confidence as I pursue my teaching career. These webinars also opened my mind to what education is all about. Education goes beyond the core subjects and helps shape students into confident, kind, progressive, and considerate learners.

Second, I have truly learned so much from my education classes this semester. I took Fundamentals of Math, which is a course that strengthened my own mathematical skills and taught me specific ways to teach mathematics to my future students. I learned to give my future students a strong understanding of the mathematical concepts by creating an environment that challenges them to create their own solving strategies, allows them to gradually learn the concepts, and encourages them to ask as many questions as they need to understand the concepts. This will lead to my future students not only having a deeper understanding of the concepts but also more confidence as they move on in their math journey. I also took Art Integration this semester which taught me how to integrate art into my future classroom. At the beginning of the semester, I was very skeptical about integrating art into my future classroom but now I have learned the benefits that it can truly have on my future students. Integrating art will allow my future students to become strong problem solvers, learn perspective, allow to make mistakes and so much more!

All the other classes that I took this semester were general requirements but I was still able to learn strategies for my own future teaching career. For example, in my speech class, I learned how to make my future classroom comfortable when presentations are given. I will encourage my students to visualize success when they are nervous about presenting.

Overall, I am so much more confident than I was at the beginning of the semester, and am proud of all that I have gained. I will be having field experience online in the spring but I know that I will still learn a lot with all the success considered from my fall 2020 semester!

Meet Abby

My name is Abigail Azizkhan and I am working towards a dual major in Early Childhood and Special Education at Millersville University! I have also been gaining experience with children by working at a developmental daycare!

I love my job and it makes me more and more excited about my future career as a teacher! Lastly, I love soda, swimming, listening to music, and hanging out with friends!

Please reach out to me on Instagram at miss.abigail.azizkhan with any questions or comments!

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