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Teachers must adhere to state standards, be professional, engage students in learning, and create an environment that promotes learning. But, what makes a successful educator different? You know who I'm talking about those educators that are on the cutting edge in their classroom. Do you want to know their secret?

A successful educator is a connected educator. Being a connected educator is critical today.

One thing every teacher needs in their basket of educational goodies is an understanding of the power of a Professional Learning Network (PLN). A PLN is a group of educators that you connect with to share ideas. Think of social media as professional development on demand. It is on anytime and anywhere. You can access it at your own pace and focus on specific aspects you want to learn about. It is personalized just for you and your needs. You can ask questions, get ideas, share resources, implement and try out strategies with teachers from around the world. My PLN is a dynamic resource that I use every day to inform my practice. By being connected I have my finger on the pulse of educational technology – understanding what is being used successfully in classrooms. My PLN drives me to be a better educator for my students. Don't become an island of 1 in your school, there are many forms of social media to connect with other educators.

Happy pinning! Let's connect on Pinterest -

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Pinterest is not just a space for recipes, DIY projects, or life hacks. It is an amazing space to gain knowledge and access to more materials for you to use in your classroom. It is also a way for you to collaborate and connect with other educators and one another. Some features include

  • Engaging photography

  • Collaborative

  • Connect with others

  • Social

  • Visually share information

How can you use it in your classroom?

  • Collect resources

  • The new and improved bookmarks or trapper keeper

  • Organize ideas by themes/boards

  • Collaborate with others

  • Get ideas

  • Get inspired

  • Connect with other educators

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