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Prioritizing Selfcare for Preservice Teachers

Updated: Apr 28

Greetings and welcome to the EduMagic podcast, designed specifically for preservice teachers. In today's episode, we will be discussing an important topic, self-care. Our guest, Dr. Theresa Melito-Conners, an expert in this field, will share valuable tips on initiating self-care practices.

As educators, teachers often neglect their physical well-being. Self-care in the moment, however, prioritizing self-care benefits them and positively impacts their students' lives. Theresa suggests practicing deep breathing and periodically checking in with oneself during the day. There are ten domains to consider when creating a self-care routine. Consider focusing on one part of the domain at a time.

  • Have you considered how you are properly hydrating, exercising your body, and nourishing it throughout the day? Additionally, how do you incorporate stress management techniques into your daily routine?

  • Have you ever considered the quality of your sleep? You need 8-9 hours a night. So set your alarm.

  • How do you care for your physical body?

  • Throughout the day, it's important to reflect on your relationships.

  • Have you noticed anything in your surroundings that's impacting your daily routine?

  • Please take a moment to reflect on your spiritual realm and ponder the reasons behind it.

The "stop" method and deep breathing are useful for practicing mindfulness with students. An intentional pause before moving to the next task is great for Taking. It can also help to regulate emotions. Be sure to set boundaries around your work and personal life. To assist in self-care and mindfulness, apps and reminders can be valuable tools.

Connect with Dr. Dr. Theresa Melito-Conners on social media and her podcast, Dr. MC Selfcare Cabaret. Prioritize self-care for yourself and your students.

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