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Raising up the Next Generation of Educators with Kieran VanVorhis

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Edumagicians today, I have future educator, leader, advocate, and learner Kieran VanVorhis. Kieran is a current college sophomore studying early childhood and intervention services, and he is a leader in Educators Rising National - an organization just for future teachers! During this show, Kieran drops gems related to teaching, raising the next generation of diverse educators, and much more. Here we go!

One area that touched my teaching heart was how Kieran shared the importance of growing your teaching programs to support upcoming diverse teachers. We also share tips and tricks to have a successful conference experience:

  • This conference is NOT your grandma's zoom meeting. This conference is a virtual learning experience that is engaging and interactive.

  • Backpack feature to save content and handouts to come back to

  • Virtual activities - Kahoot and Trivia

  • Check out my virtual sessions - Best practices for online learning. So, you want to be an education major?

  • Access to online pieces even AFTER the conference!

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