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Save teacher time with TeacherMade!

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

This is a guest post from the TeacherMade Team. I learned about TeacherMade last semester, and I have been singing its praises ever since. This tool will save you teacher time moving those PDFs to interactive documents. Want to learn more Read on!

So you’re a student teacher during a pandemic, not to mention a student yourself. These roles are hard enough as is but throw in COVID-19, and I can only imagine the stress you feel. Whether you’re in-person, virtual, or hybrid, I’m sure you’re overwhelmed with all of the PDFs and worksheets that your Co-op is giving you, Worrying about how to organize them, where to keep them, and how to get them to your students Well, I have just the tool that can help - TeacherMade!

For those who do not know, is an app that will turn all PDFs and worksheets into digital activities delivered online. Here are the top 5 ways TeacherMade can help you conquer your student teaching placements:

  1. Quickly turn any worksheet into an interactive and online assignment.

  2. Share your worksheets with other Teachers and your Professors.

  3. Please keep your worksheets stored in one place and organize them using folders.

  4. Your TeacherMade digital worksheets can be auto-graded:

    1. Input answers as you create the assignments; they will be automatically graded when students submit their work!

  5. No coding or development experience is necessary TeacherMade was designed for every Teacher to be able to use intuitively.

    1. If you ever get stuck, there are quick tutorial videos explaining every feature.

You can use TeacherMade to create assignments for any subject. Your students have access to many tools when they open the assignment. They can annotate, erase their work, solve math problems, show their work, and so much more. Once a student submits their work, you can review it, change the grades (if necessary) and then send them back to them. TeacherMade will help give you back some of the time that lesson planning has taken away.

As a student teacher, your primary focus should be developing into the next generation of great Teachers. TeacherMade helps you achieve this goal by providing the productivity tools you need to focus on student achievement. This year has been challenging, but we are hoping TeacherMade can help take some stress off your plate.

Are you ready to give it a try? Sign up for TeacherMade here and start creating digital assignments today! We know it will help you through this crazy year!!

Did we mention that TeacherMade is entirely free? Every feature we described above is free and will always be free. We will never limit the number of worksheets you can create, take features away or charge you for TeacherMade. (TeacherMade PRO is coming soon for a modest annual fee, but almost everything you need is in the free version-- and always will be! So get started today.)

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