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Show what you "reel"y know!

Hello EduMagicians, welcome back to another episode of the EduMAgic podcast. Today we are discussing how to have students show what they know differently, using technology they already have in their pockets. Are you intrigued? Listen up.

This week my students came to class having read about two components in the Danielson framework for teaching. Specifically, they read about professionalism and growing professionally. These are my favorite components because we get to keep learning as teachers. It's a part of our jobs. There are many ways to learn - listening to podcasts, watching webinars, and participating in workshops and conferences. After reading about the components, students wrote about them in their digital portfolios. We then discussed the components in class and how they can show as new teachers.

After we discussed the components and how to show them in and out of the classroom, students created a reel. Their reel had to be about a specific element or the component as a whole. Students chose their groups and had 25 minutes to create a reel.

An Instagram reel is a 90-second video clip that can include your audio, a song, or someone else talking on the video. Once they filmed their reel, they sent it to me in email or DMs, and we watched them in class.

This was a fun way for students to collaborate, show what they know differently, and use edtech in a meaningful way.

Here are some examples:

How will you use reels with your students?

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