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Be excited about teaching because students are going to be excited if you are!

Updated: Oct 26, 2022


During this episode, I interview a future teacher and current student-teacher Ally Echard. Ally is a secondary English major with a theatre minor. She is student teaching this semester and couldn't be more excited to impact students in her new role. Ally shares her teaching story and how teaching is a service. We are here to serve our students, and I love this mindset that Ally shares.

She goes on to share that students can make an impact now they don't have to wait to impact the world. They are making changes and encouraging others to change their way of thinking and, in some cases, their actions. Ally is excited to speak to this generation of students to help them learn, care, grow, and share.

Ally shares that she struggled with her teaching identity at one point, wondering if teaching was the right fit for her. She shares a learning experience in a middle school classroom where she worked to get to know her students as people. She shared an impactful story from Christopher Emdin 's book and applied it to her teaching experience. This was a great story to hear! Ally shares, "Be excited about teaching because students will be excited if you are!"

Connect with Ally
  • Grove City College Class of 2020

  • Pre-Service Teacher - Secondary English & Theatre Education

  • Twitter: @echard_a

  • Together Education Is Better

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