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Staying Organized as a Future Teacher

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Think about this: It is the first week of the fall semester, and you just finished your last class before the weekend. You now have a pile of syllabi, lots of due dates floating around your head, and endless things to do. How will you keep it all together?

Friends, Hannah and I have THE answer for you: The EduMagic Future Teacher Planner. from monthly to daily calendars. This planner is designed just for you, the e monthly to daily calendars. This planner has you covered all the exciting opportunities and requirements this academic year .

Alright, you might ask yourself, "So, how do you know what I need as an education major? Why is this planner THE planner for the education major?" The following are just some of the features of digital downloads:

  • yearly checklist and resources just for education majors

  • course schedule

  • assignment tracker

  • grade tracker

  • observation logs

  • student teaching logs

  • weekly reflection prompts

  • a place for your accomplishments and goals

  • speaker notes

You can download the planner to print or to edit in the PDF editing application of your choice. We provided you with two files. One is a PDF of the entire planner, all 585 pages of eduawesomeness. The other file includes everything except the daily schedule, making this only 225 pages perfect for printing!

We know this planner will help guide you during your journey to becoming an educator of excellence. Got your planner already? Please share how you are using it with #EduMagicPlanner on social media.

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