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Student Teachers: There is still time to get organized

Updated: Mar 13

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Attention all student teachers! If you're feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities and uncertainties that come with student teaching, don't worry. I'm here to help you stay organized. In this episode, we'll guide you through the essential components of your student teacher planner. The goal is to help you excel during your student teaching experience.

Why Organization Matters for Student Teachers

  • The importance of organization for student teachers.

  • The overwhelming nature of student teaching.

Building Your Student Teacher Planner

Essential Components of Your Student Teacher Planner

  • Overview of what to include in your student teacher planner.

  • The importance of having all necessary information readily available.

Placement Details

  • Mentor teacher's information.

  • College supervisor's contact details.

  • Placement start date.

  • Reflect on your strengths and areas for growth.

Accomplishments and Goals

  • Reflecting on your achievements as a student.

  • Identifying areas for improvement.

  • Aligning with education department standards.

Standards Reference

  • Incorporating state or common core standards.

  • Using QR codes for quick access.

Policies and Procedures

  • Documenting classroom policies.

  • Remote learning guidelines.

  • Digital learning tools and platforms.

Lesson Plans and Quick Glance

  • Detailed lesson plans.

  • Quick lesson plan at a glance.

  • Streamlining lesson preparation and review.

Staying on Top of Your Schedule

Schedule and Calendars

  • Tracking class periods and weekly schedules.

  • Monthly, weekly, and daily calendar inclusion.

  • Marking important dates and events.

Teaching and Observation Hours

  • Recording teaching and observation time.

  • Meeting departmental requirements.

  • Detailed log of hours.

Weekly Reflection

  • Areas to reflect upon.

  • Utilizing the Danielson Framework for Teaching.

Notes Section

  • A dedicated space for miscellaneous notes.

  • Keeping track of homework and questions.

Student Teacher Planner Available

  • Mentioning the availability of a student-teacher planner.

  • Website and pricing details.

  • Options for digital or printed use.

As we end this episode, I want to stress the importance of being organized as you begin your journey to becoming an educator. Your student teacher planner is a reliable companion to help you stay on your game.

If you're interested in getting the student teacher planner resource we mentioned earlier, you can find it here: This valuable tool is designed to make your student teaching experience easier.

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