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Take a lead in your own learning with Dan Kreiness

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Today I have Dan Kreiness, on the show. He is the host of the leader of learning podcast and an inspirational educator. In fact, I was a guest on the leader of learning podcast you can listen to it here. During this episode, Mr. Kreiness shares strategies to help first-year teachers thrive, tips on how to take a lead in your own learning and some advice for all teachers. Mr. Kreiness shares his teaching story. For as long as he could remember he wanted to be an educator and work with kids. He was inspired by scouts, camps, and other influential teachers in life. He was an educator for three or four year and moved into a role impacting adult learners in the building.

Strategies to help work through the first year of teaching
  • Find a mentor

  • Avoid the void - plan your lesson accordingly so you don't loose control of the class.

  • Build relationships with your students from day one

  • Get involved in students' lives

  • Go and see your students outside of classes (games, matches, plays, concerts)

  • Learn from and with your teaching colleagues

  • Open up the doors of your classroom

  • Seek out resources around you - ask for help

Lead your own learning
Read these books from EduMatch for new teachers (great grad gifts!)
Best advice for teachers
  • Connect with Dan over on Twitter here.

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