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The best-kept secret in PD featuring Lynn Hummel

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Welcome to day 4 of the EduMagic #teacherappreciation week episode line up. Today I have with me, Dr. Lynn Hummel. Dr. Hummel is an Associate Professor of Instructional Technology at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. He is also a game-changer, forward thinker, cruise ship lecturer, and a fantastic educator.

This episode is full of resources, strategies, and tips! So sit back, relax, and listen to his stories from experiences and expertise. Dr. Hummel shares so many resources for you to take hold of your own professional development and one is a best-kept secret!

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Started as an elementary education major, but at the time didn't plan on this career path due to job openings in the area. At the same time, Lynn was sharing and selling things on Ebay as an entrepreneur and it funded his college of education. While in college he was on the cover of Ebay magazine!

  • During one of his classes, he learned about a master's program in instructional technology which he is now a professor in the department (full circle)! He went on to get his masters and learned how to teach educational technology.

  • He went onto an internship to help with school with technology integration which turned into a full-time job as an instructional technology specialist.

  • This job led to a cooperative education teacher where he worked with individuals who were going into the workforce. During this time he pursued his principal certification.

  • He worked as an assistant principal and became a supervisor for some teachers who he had in high school! During this time he pursued his doctoral degree.

  • He is now teaching future teachers about how people can bring technology into classrooms. He continues to grow professionally along the way.

Share a favorite teaching moment from your college days
  • During student teaching, there wasn't much out there in terms of tech. So Dr. Hummel was as creative as he could. He made sure that he called on each student using popsicle sticks to share during class. Now we have tools like seesaw, class dojo, go noodle, and more. As a class, they worked together to set classroom norms so everyone was safe, comfortable, respected, and valued.

  • Make decisions that make sense. Your decisions will make an impact on your school environment. Make common sense decisions that will help others will go a long way. What is best for students?

EduMagic moments
  • PLN is key - make friends with colleagues who have similar interests in the field of education.

  • Attend a conference that you can share a common thread with individuals who are there to answer questions and ask you questions. They share classroom experiences and learning from their field. Have conversations with others and connect!

  • PAECT - A professional development best-kept secret! Membership costs can be found here. Connect with other future teachers, educators, administrators, and more from around the world! There are even student chapters! You get access to the newsletter, events in the PA area, and get access to edtech resources at a discount!

  • TERS - educational research conference and get feedback on what they are working on and learn about more in the field.

  • When you work with others and engage in the content you never know where that journey will start or end. Dr. Hummel shares the founder story of the Northern Pennsylvania Regional College.

What is one piece of advice you have for preservice teachers?
  • Look at the big picture and set long term goals

  • Pursue your dreams

  • Have a positive interaction and learning experience with you

  • If you can get additional certs or endorsements - get them!

  • Have an outstanding mentor

  • When you are student teaching go beyond your classroom and learn about administration, library, sports, programs after school, etc. You will have experiences and conversations with impactful people. You never know who you will meet at a school event!

  • Get involved in hobby and passion areas too!

  • You never know where your journey will lead you - take advantage of every opportunity to learn and grow!

Remember friends, you have the EduMagic in YOU!
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