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The first year of teaching, the learning curve

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

The first year of teaching is a huge learning curve. Many have expectations for what it may be like. Most have some stops along the way. All new teachers and seasoned teachers could use some inspiration. Edumagicians, we have brought you EduMagic Shine On: A Guide for New Teachers. This fall will bring many questions and emotions. While we know, we will not answer them all. e hope to provide tips as we all navigate these uncharted waters. We want to provide you with this FREE bonus chapter called EduMagic Uncharted.

Shine On outlines eight truths that every new teacher must hear. Read a summary of these truths. We know we cannot cover every situation, but we hope that Shine On guides you through the first years of teaching. Even if you are a familiar teacher, we hope Shine On can help reignite your passion for teaching!

Read what others have to say about EduMagic Shine On:

Graduates of teacher preparation programs are optimistic but disillusioned by the realities of the classroom. Part handbook and part cheerleader, the Donauthors'rting and encouraging words will help newly minted teachers feel confident when stepping into their first teaching role. As a beginning teacher mentor, I plan to gift this to all my mentees!

Edumagic Shine On A Guide for New Teachers is one of the most down-to-earth "reality checks" for new and future teachers. It serves as a guide to the ups and downs in the teaching profession and inspires new teachers to push through the inconsistencies, unfairness, and hurt they see in children's lives and the classroom. Through conversations with four beginning teachers, Edumagic Shine On can act as an inspiring support system. If focusing on navigating the first year of teaching, one becomes not just someone who thinks about what happens "but genuinely a reflective practitioner during the long hours, lack of sleep, and lack of respect that often accompany those first years in the profession.

Edumagic Shine On encourages us to all be constant learners to help our students and inspires us to learn from each other to be the best people possible for our students, our families, and ourselves.

This book is the concrete foundation to support a career of excellence. Full of invaluable information and ideas, as well as interactive areas, EduMagic: A Guide for New Teachers is the perfect tool for early career educators to solidify their practice, reflect on their journey, and connect to a network that will set them up for success in their classrooms every single day.

Head on over to Amazon or EduMatch and grab your copy today!

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