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Thinking about teaching in the missions field?

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

I am very excited to be joining Tim and Joyce from Duo Los Discovery. Our topic will be teaching in the missions field internationally.

So let's begin with your story. What brought you to teach overseas?

As empty-nesters in 2015, we started thinking about what was next. We were out for ice cream with Tim's sister when she asked us an essential question. If fear or money were no object, what would you do? Interesting question. Right? We looked at each other and decided to go to the Dominican Republic. Why? God had planted a seed in our hearts 15 years ago for that country. Moreover, he planted the seed for us to serve overseas.

Why should future teachers consider teaching internationally? How is this different?

Furthermore, we believe that simply being aware of international issues and engaging in the international community will benefit anyone. By seeing the world through other people's eyes, you will broaden your perspective on how you see the world and the issues that divide the world so often.

Sometimes one of the most rewarding things in life is that those things that are the most difficult are also the best, the best things, the things that we must lean on God to accomplish.

World changers. I think that's a beautiful phrase for future teachers. We are world-changers when we go out into the world, and I believe that teaching is the best profession on the planet to instill that love of Christ and reach students across the globe.

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