Tips from a new teacher mentor!

Welcome back EduMagicians, today I with me Michelle Randall. We are discussing tips for new teachers so let's get it started. Turn up the volume on this episode new teachers and new grads! Michelle has a dream job! She is a new teacher mentor and she gets to work with first and second year teachers. She provides emotional, professional, and support for new teachers. Michelle shares her teaching journey and how she got to work with new teachers in the beginning of their careers.

Here we go!

Episode takeaways

Tips for planning and prep - expect to put in time and effort

  • Planning is intentional and essential

  • Give grace and you will work to find a rhythm

  • Be intentional about equity and build in relationships

  • Be protective of your teacher time

Engaging students in learning environments

  • Invest first in relationships

  • Meaningful teaching and learning needs to happen

  • Shine with edtech to engage students in new ways - the tool is not the focus!

  • Relationships are first, content is second.

Working with parents

  • How do I value and see my children's' families?

  • Families are the partners and show up how they can!

  • We both love your child - we both want the best for your child.

  • Frequent and positive communication

  • Get to know your child's families as you get to know your students

  • Communication needs to be thoughtful

Professional development

  • Building level the school is providing PD

  • District can have mandated PD

  • Options for continue to learn and grow - further education, endorsements, certs.

  • Social media - connecting professionally via groups, instagram, twitter

  • Learning from and with each other through observations - learn from mentor too!

  • National board certification and standards

Resources mentioned in this episode

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