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Navigating the Path to Teaching Excellence: 5 Tips for Education Majors

1. Education Majors Always have a Plan(ner)

Have a planner with you when you get to college! Whether online through Google or Microsoft or paper pencil, having a space to keep track of your schedule will help you use your time wisely and ensure you don’t miss out on assignments, fields, or fun.

2. Professionally Dress to Impress!

When it’s time to enter fields, observations, or present projects in the classroom, professors will look for students to dress professionally. Never fear, education majors, adding a few professional items to your wardrobe is much easier than you think.

At its base, professional attire for both genders can start with a well-taken care solid or patterned button-down shirt, a sweater that matches for warmth, a pair of dress pants or khakis, and a pair of dress shoes such as loafers. Just because you should be dressed professionally doesn’t mean you must spend unreasonably. Look for items on clearance, use coupons, or shop at thrift stores to find what you need for less.

Student with planner and pencils
Student with planner

3. Socialize and be Media-wise!

Get ready to get to know the people in your classes! Education Professors will stress the importance of working in the community with other educators. You can start by getting to know some of the other people in your classes. You don’t have to be best friends with everyone you meet, but be willing and open to hearing ideas from everyone. You never know what you might be able to use in the future.

In addition to that, start looking on social media at educational resources, other teachers, and online educational programs. Start thinking about what you might like or dislike, or even reach out with questions. Educators are always willing to help other educators with tips, tricks, and resources.

4. Get Started on Being Tech-savvy!

Many resources that you’ll love for your future classroom will help you in the classroom now. Here are some of my favorite sites and some extra techy tips:

  • Get to know and organize your Bookmarks bar. It’s helpful to access resources you like with just a click.

  • Canva- With Canva, you can create pretty much anything. From Instagram posts to business cards to presentations, you have almost as many options of what to create as you do decals, themes, and backgrounds to create them with. You can get a free Canva account at

  • Fun presentations are enjoyable to make and watch! To upgrade your presentation prowess, you can find fun presentation themes at or

  • Speaking of fun presentations, Prezi gives you a different way to present and a new look to your projects.

5. Remember to Relax

College can get intense fast. You’ll have a lot of assignments and be meeting many people, so it’s okay to feel overwhelmed. Take time to relax, watch a movie with your friends, grab a snack from the cafeteria, or get to bed early. Taking care of yourself will only help you in the long run.

Meet Jenna

Jenna Stanski
Jenna Stanski

Hello there! My name is Jenna Stanski, and I’m an incoming Sophomore at Grove City College studying Elementary and Middle-level Education. I love reading, theater, music, and playing board games with my friends. I’ve always loved learning and being in the classroom, and I hope to share that love and curiosity with my future students.

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