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Use theatre techniques to engage your students

Updated: Aug 3

Do you want to engage your students in new ways? Then you have to listen to this episode featuring Rebecca Swartz. Rebecca's energy and enthusiasm are contagious as she shares real examples of how to use theatre techniques in your classroom. She shares these strategies and more during this episode:

  • 5-minute fairy tales (or picture books)

  • Hot seat or press conference

  • Zip, zap, zop

  • GOAT - understand your character writing journal activity

  • Charades

We challenge you to try one of these in your lessons to engage students, provide a brain break, or show what they know differently!

Connect with Rebecca

1st Grade Student-Teacher in MHK

• Elementary Ed/ Special Ed

• Teacher. Learner. Reader. 📚✏️

"turn coffee into education" ☕️

Check" out her digital art here.

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