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Virtual Teaching Strategies with Dr. Heather Michel

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Are you ready to end the semester intense with virtual teaching? You have to listen to these tips and strategies by Dr. Heather Michel. During this interview, Dr. Michel shares her teaching story and the critical fact of teacher burnout. It is essential to set boundaries, stay fresh, and take care of yourself to avoid burnout. We also discuss the importance of connecting with other educators on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and at conferences.

Virtual learning and teaching strategies:

  • Foster relationships with students first - through bitmoji classrooms, google forms, emailing students, chat via DMs with students, free writing activities, and interactive journaling.

  • Procedures are seconds - how to do different things in the LMS, technology, and more.

  • Teaching is highly relational and emotional

  • Small doses of high-impact and engaging content

  • Communicate and share with parents

  • Have several touchpoints with your students, teacher and student, students to students, students to content, teacher, student, and family.

  • Give students opportunities to collaborate.

  • Provide students with leadership opportunities in the classroom

Connect with Dr. Michel

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