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Updated: Oct 20

Welcome back to another episode of the edumagic podcast. My name is Dr. Sam Fecich today I'm going to share with you one of my Fecich favorite ed-tech tools. It is FlipGrid. It's one of my favorite tools because you can use it for virtual learning, face to face, and hybrid learning.

What is flipgrid?
  • It's a great way to show content to students.

  • Students show what they know and engage in the content in meaningful ways.

  • Head on over to and you can create an account using Google or Microsoft.

  • Provides students with a video prompt for them to respond, to use their camera.

  • Students can record themselves, they can record their screen

  • Students have used different pre-K all the way up to Ph.D.

  • Topics and groups, think of groups as your class. So you're going to set up a class or a group for each of the subjects that you teach.

  • Under each of my groups, I can have topics and these are my discussion points that I want students to respond to and engage with.

  • There's already a library of amazing responses and prompts for you

  • They have over 25,000 amazing resources for you to just get started

  • Head on over to discovery and you can search for topics by keyword, or they have some separated by topic of the day or wonder of the day.

  • Flipgrid has partnered with amazing resources like breakout EDU, Nearpod, Wonderopolis,buncee, Pebble Go, Epic, and more!

Get started teacher
  • Once you find a topic that you like, you can just click on that topic and you can add it to your groups, and from there, you can edit that topic

  • Or you can create from scratch

  • So once you have your group created, you have your class created, you can choose, add a topic from here.

  • You can customize the title, the prompt, the recording time, the closed captions.

  • Enable video moderation, so you can moderate that video

  • Add lots of really cool media pieces to support that prompt. For example, you can record your own video, maybe saying instructions or reading a bit, reading a book to students.

  • You can upload a video, find something from YouTube, grab an image, grab a gif and emoji you can upload, Kahoot, wakelet, Nearpod, newsela, Adobe spark, Wonderopolis, and buncee.

  • Set up control access.

  • Set when the Flipgrid to go live and close

  • Add feedback about ideas and presentations. Attach a rubric as well, so you can assign and grade overwrite within Flipgrid.

  • Another cool feature of Flipgrid is whenever you share it out with your students through the link, TEAMs, Google Classroom, QR code, and more.

Getting started educators video:

Student view
  • Once you have your video link, share your video prompts, shared out to your students, your students get a link and they can click on it.

  • They will be given a little red record button to start recording

  • They can record their beautiful faces, or they can upload a video clip if they like they can record their screen, which is a great new feature.

  • At the end of their recording, they can continue to add more or they can take a selfie.

  • Once they put in their selfie, add their title, description, and click complete.

Getting started students video:

How can I use this in my class?
  • Flipped lessons - Record video and have students respond to it.

  • Students show what they know in different ways.

  • You can also have students create their own flipgrids as a way to respond in a way to assess their learning.

  • Readalouds

  • Introductions

  • Daily journal/prompt

This is a fantastic way for you to engage your students, assess your students, present your content in different ways and really show, have students show what they know, and a really meaningful way using technology that's purposeful and authentic.

Remember friends, you have the edumagic within you.

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