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Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Welcome back to another episode of the edumagic podcast. My name is Dr. Sam Fecich. Today I'm going to share with you one of my Fecich favorite edtech tools. It is FlipGrid. It's one of my favorite tools because you can use it for virtual learning, face-to-face, and hybrid learning.

What is flipgrid?

  • It's a great way to show content to students.

  • Students show what they know and engage in the content in meaningful ways.

  • Head on over to and you can create an account using Google or Microsoft.

  • Provides students with a video prompt for them to respond, to use their camera.

  • Students can record themselves, they can record their screen

  • Students have used different pre-K to Ph.D.

  • Topics and groups, think of groups as your class. So you're going to set up a class or a group for each of the subjects that you teach.

  • Under each of my groups, I can have topics and these are my discussion points that I want students to respond to and engage with.

  • There's already a library of amazing responses and prompts for you

  • They have over 25,000 amazing resources for you to just get started

  • Head on over to discovery and you can search for topics by keyword, or they have some separated by topic of the day or wonder of the day.

  • Flipgrid has partnered with amazing resources like breakout EDU, Nearpod, Wonderopolis,buncee, Pebble Go, Epic, and more!

Get started teacher
  • Once you find a topic that you like, you can just click on that topic and you can add it to your groups, and from there, you can edit that topic

  • Or you can create from scratch

  • So once you have your group created, you have your class created, you can choose, add a topic from here.

  • You can customize the title, the prompt, the recording time, the closed captions.

  • Enable video moderation, so you can moderate that video

  • Add lots of really cool media pieces to support that prompt. For example, you can record your own video, maybe saying instructions or reading a bit, reading a book to students.

  • You can upload a video, find something from YouTube, grab an image, grab a gif and emoji you can upload, Kahoot, wakelet, Nearpod, newsela, Adobe spark, Wonderopolis, and buncee.

  • Set up control access.

  • Set when the Flipgrid to go live and close

  • Add feedback about ideas and presentations. Attach a rubric as well, so you can assign and grade overwrite within Flipgrid.

  • Another cool feature of Flipgrid is whenever you share it out with your students through the link, TEAMs, Google Classroom, QR code, and more.

Student view
  • Once you have your video link, share your video prompts, share out to your students, your students get a link and they can click on it.

  • A little red record button to record

  • They can record their beautiful faces, or they can upload a video clip if they like. They can record their screen, which is a great new feature.

  • At the end of their recording, they can continue to add more or they can take a selfie.

  • Once they put in their selfie, add their title, description, and click complete.

How can I use this in my class?
  • Flipped lessons - Record video and have students respond to it.

  • Students show what they know in different ways.

  • You can also have students create their own flipgrids to respond in a way to assess their learning.

  • Readalouds

  • Introductions

  • Daily journal/prompt

This is a fantastic way for you to engage your students, assess your students, present your content in different ways and really show, have students show what they know, and a really meaningful way using technology that's purposeful and authentic.

Remember friends, you have the edumagic within you.

Resources to get started

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