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You must do this right after a job interview!

Updated: Mar 13

Hello, edumagicians; welcome to episode 7 of the EduMagic Podcast!

I am here to share the ONE thing you must do right after an interview. If you tuned into episode 5, “Job Interview – Nailed it,” you learned ten tips to help you conquer the job interview process. If you didn’t tune in, please press pause and go back – you will "thank" me later! Edumagicians, are you ready for the one thing you must do right after an interview? This one thing can set you apart from other candidates – who wouldn’t want to stand out among the crowd of other candidates? Are you ready to know what it is?

It is …. Wait for it… a thank you note!

A thank you note can go a long way after the interview. It brings you top of mind to the panel and adds a personal touch and a notion that you are serious about this career and job posting at the school. Lastly, it is polite!

Kappa Delta Pi (KDP) notes that a thank you letter should be sent to the panel by mail within 24 hours. So, what should you write in the thank you letter? I am glad you asked! Let’s discuss the tips you should relay in your thank you letter. We will also cover some tips for formatting and layout!

Grab a cup of coffee and write a thank you note!
thank you note with coffee

As always, EduMagiains, I have a PDF of this checklist, and a thank you letter template for my listeners! Just go to

Alright here we go! Buckle up!

Thank you note content tips:

  • Address the interviewers by name and thank them for their time and consideration. Pro Tip - Check your spelling and use the correct format for his / her name (Dr., Mr., Mrs., Mx. etc).

  • Mention something specific from the interview – an example shared, a teaching story, or something you learned about the district or school building.

  • Reiterate your excitement for the job posting and why you are excited about it. Pro Tip: Share something you can bring to this position. For example, “I am excited about the 3rd grade opening at Awesome Elementary School. I know I will be able to bring my passion for STEAM activities and integrate them into the curriculum to create hands-on learning experiences for my students.”

  • Did you forget to mention something related to a question posed by the committee in your interview? Mention it now – this is the perfect place to share it!

  • Leave it open at the end for conversation or dialogue. For example, simply adding a statement such as, “I look forward to discussing the 3rd grade opening further.” It can do the trick.

Thank you note layout tips

  • Just like the song says, “Signed, sealed, delivered.” Type your letter out in a clear and easy-to-read font (sorry, no comic sans here). If you want to have that professional vibe, print the letter and sign it with a real pen. Get out your favorite pen (cue clip of Clueless and Claire’s endless supply of fun fuzzy pens) and sign that baby!

  • If you have a knack for penmanship (I do not – my mom will attest to that!), you may want to write your letter on personalized stationery – this can add a more personal touch to each letter. Or maybe you want to create your own stationery. It is as easy as one, two, or three in canva. Canva has beautiful already-created templates. All you need to do is add the content!

  • Want to jazz it up a bit? Consider adding a QR code to your letter with a link to your digital portfolio. That way, the interviewer can scan it and connect with you immediately!

A tip for the organization. Some of you may be applying and interviewing at many districts. That is why I loved reading the article by KDP “After the interview”. The author wrote to make a table so you know which districts you sent letters to and which you have not. This is a great way to keep organized, track who got letters, and ensure you are not duplicating, or even worse, sending thank you letters to District A to District B! Talk about facepalm!

Example contact table of school, district, committee member and if a thank you note was sent
An example contact table

Alright, friends, you heard it here! Remember, the one thing that you need to do after your job interview is to send a thank you note! It will set you apart from other candidates, bring you top of mind to the panel, and show that you are serious about this opening. Check out for all of the tips shared and a template to check out!

Remember, you have the EduMagic within YOU!


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