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It's time to become a teacher! I specialize in topics related to aspiring educators, student teachers, and new teachers. Check out my featured videos, presentations, and podcast interviews today! Each presentation is one hour long and provides hands-on practical tips that students can learn today and put into practice tomorrow. In addition to the one-hour workshop, each talk comes with a digital ebook for participants to follow along and engage with. 



Speaking Topics


  • Rock your college career with EduMagic

Transition back from Covid with lessons learned (NEW!)

 As we look back on a year and a half unlike any other we need to take stock of lessons learned. You may not have had a teaching experience in a traditional classroom with students or maybe you didn't have a teaching experience that you dreamed of as an underclassman and you are feeling unsure about teaching. Whatever it might be, remember that you have a calling to be a teacher - and educator of excellence. Yes, we had bumps and setbacks along the way - but it made us stronger. During this session, we will explore three main themes that came apparent during Covid - relationships matter with students, colleagues, and families. Families got a sneak peek into the classroom during covid let's keep the connection going and keep them involved. We explore technology usage as a way for students to explore content in innovative ways to supplement and augment learning. Lastly, making connections with colleagues to grow and learn. This hands-on session is full of tips and strategies to help you with each of these areas. Let's get started! 

5 truths for new teachers 

This talk is designed to help you, as a beginning teacher, thrive during your first year of teaching by asking you to reflect, challenge yourself, and celebrate wins in and out of the classroom. It is hard- yes. But you can do it. Yes, it can be tough. But, most importantly, it is worth it! You have to live it to learn it. You have to go through the experience to learn the best practices for your learners, your environment, your style.  It won’t all be a walk in the park. There will be hard moments - but YOU got this!

So, you want to be an ed major?

This session will provide you with tools to help you succeed as an education major. You'll leave feeling confident about your future and how you can make an impact!  Teaching is one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. It's not always easy and there are a lot of tough aspects to it, but every day is different and that keeps me excited.

Teaching Interviews 101

In this session, we will discuss resume tips,  five common interview questions, how to respond to them, three tips for virtual interviews, and how to follow up like a pro! Specifically, we will work through what to expect during each stage of the interview game and tips along the way.

Classroom management 4 real

Did you know that "Nearly half of new teachers report that they feel “not at all prepared” or “only somewhat prepared” to handle disruptive students?" Are you feeling that way too? Friends, it's ok - it's normal. Classroom management is such a BIG topic when it comes to teacher training. During this session, we will explore what classroom management is 4 real and break down the 4 big parts of classroom management and how to put them into action. 

The Freshman 15: Fifteen ways to thrive as a college freshman. 

The first year away from home can be a challenge. You're away from your friends and family, and you're going to meet new people. However, it is also an opportunity to get a fresh start! Everything is exciting and with newfound freedom, things can get complicated quickly. We have a lot to cover, but I promise you will be surprised at the number of easy, tangible tips to help you thrive during your freshman year and beyond.  


Accessibility teacher toolkit 

This session will explore edtech tools that will level the playing field for students with disabilities in online, hybrid, or traditional classroom settings. We will check out and use accessibility with immersive reader, office lens, and websites that will save you teacher time when it comes to differentiating content! We will explore how to use the immersive reader with your students and other accessibility options built into Microsoft tools. Next, we will learn how office lens can transform how your students take notes and access the notes. Lastly, we will demonstrate how One Note can be used to help students with executive functioning skills. We will end with a few favorite tools to help save you teacher time when it comes to accommodating students in the classroom. These accessibility tools will knock your teacher's socks off! 


Student teach with edtech without the overwhelm  

Engaging students in learning, whether online, hybrid, or traditional, doesn't have to be hard or time-consuming. During this session, we are focusing in-depth on 3 educational technology tools that are versatile, cost-effective, and will give you a quick win every time. We will explore TeacherMade, Canva EDU, and Wakelet! Join me for this hands-on session! First, do you have a stack of worksheets piling up? Don't want to retype them all? With the magic of teachermade, you don't have to! We explore how teachermade can pull your worksheets into digital PDFs that are ready to roll! Then we will put a new spin on presentations and content delivery with canva edu. Tired of the same old same old when it comes to content delivery? Try canva edu on for size there is so much more to it than just infographics! Lastly, we will explore wakelet as a content curation and creation tool. Learn how to use this tool with your students to collaborate and connect with content in new ways. Join me for this engaging and hands-on session as we explore these tools, how to use them, and why we should think about educational technology as another tool in our teacher toolbelt.


Student teach your heart out

You know the content and the pedagogy, but let me help you with ways to prep for student teaching with success, how to approach student teaching with a learner mindset, making the most out of the first few days of student teaching, finding your teacher's voice, and the importance of self-care. How to create a digital portfolio to wow the interview crowd and interview prep. We will work through resume tips and tricks, cover letter strategies, and how to find a job that is right for you. 



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