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I specialize in topics related to aspiring educators, student teachers, and new teachers. Each presentation is one hour long and provides hands-on practical tips that students can learn today and put into practice tomorrow. 

Speaking Topics


  • Rock your college career with EduMagic

  • Student Teach Your Heart Out

In this session, we will discuss resume tips,  five common interview questions, how to respond to them, three tips for virtual interviews, and how to follow up like a pro!


We will go through each step of the process, from the initial application to the follow-up after the interview, so that you can feel confident. 


 Specifically, we will work through what to expect during each stage of the interview game and tips along the way.

You know the content and the pedagogy, but let me help you with ways to prep for student teaching with success, how to approach student teaching with a learner mindset, making the most out of the first few days of student teaching, finding your teacher's voice, and the importance of self-care.


How to create a digital portfolio to wow the interview crowd and interview prep. We will work through resume tips and tricks, cover letter strategies, and how to find a job that is right for you. 

Did you know that "Nearly half of new teachers report that they feel “not at all prepared” or “only somewhat prepared” to handle disruptive students?" Are you feeling that way too? Friends, it's ok - it's normal.


Classroom management is such a BIG topic when it comes to teacher training. During this session, we will explore what classroom management is 4 real and break down the 4 big parts of classroom management and how to put them into action. 

Engaging students in learning, whether online, hybrid or traditional, doesn't have to be hard or time-consuming. During this session, we are focusing in-depth on 3 educational technology tools that are versatile, cost-effective, and will give you a quick win every time. We will explore TeacherMade, Canva EDU, and Wakelet! Join me for this hands-on session! 

This session will explore edtech tools that will level the playing field for students with disabilities in online, hybrid, or traditional classroom settings. We will check out and use accessibility with immersive reader, office lens, and websites that will save you teacher time when it comes to differentiating content! 

This talk is designed to help you, as a beginning teacher, thrive during your first year of teaching by asking you to reflect, challenge yourself, and celebrate wins in and out of the classroom. It is hard- yes. But you can do it. 

I want to give you strategies for how to improve your instruction, how develop relationships with families and colleagues, and how reflect on the progress of your students.


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