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The Ultimate Must-Have List for New Teachers: What You Need to Succeed in the Classroom

Updated: Apr 10

Hannah Sansom and I developed a list of materials and resources for beginning teachers to look out for during the summer. This first-year teacher checklist includes items you can purchase and mindsets you can make now.

Take a look at some of our new teacher shopping list:

As a teacher, it's important to have all the necessary tools to ensure that your classroom runs smoothly. Below are some essentials that every teacher should have:

  • 1. Personal Laminator: Laminating materials can be expensive, so it's a good idea to have a personal laminator. You can choose either a Scotch or an off-brand laminator. If you have Scholastic Book Club points, you can use them to purchase Scotch Laminator pouches. 2. Good Quality Teacher Shoes: As a teacher, you're likely on your feet all day. Clarks are a great go-to option for all seasons as they are comfortable and durable. 3. Good Teaching Bag: It's important to have a bag that's big enough to carry all your necessary teaching materials, but it's also important to not overload it. There will always be work to take home, so it's important to learn a balance. 4. Stickers and Stamps: Stickers and stamps are a fun way to grade and check in-class work. They can also be a great way to motivate and engage students. 5. Colored Pens: Students often use red ink for self-checking, so it's a good idea to use pretty colors for grading. This will also make it easier for parents to understand what students check and what you check. 6. Organized Binder: It's important for both teachers and students to have organized binders. Your teacher binder should have class rosters, meeting notes, important emails, and grades. Student data binders should have information from parents, student RTI notes, small group notes, etc. 7. Something Motivational: It's important to have something motivational on your desk or teacher area to keep you inspired and motivated. 8. A Mentor: A mentor is essential for new teachers. Whether you're assigned one or find someone else, a mentor can provide guidance and support. You can also join a teacher community like New Teachers Connect on Instagram to get support from other new teachers. 9. Set Boundaries: As a teacher, it's important to set boundaries and learn to say no and yes. Don't spend all day at school and prioritize your tasks. 10. Bins and Containers: Bins and containers are essential for organizing your classroom. You can find them at thrift stores or dollar trees. You never know when you need a bin for your stuff! 11. Markers: Get quality markers in a variety of colors for your whiteboard. This will make your lessons more engaging and organized. 12. Items to Keep You Healthy: Hand sanitizer and face masks are essential to keep you healthy and protected. 13. Sticky Notes: Sticky notes, either digital or paper, can help you organize your thoughts and tasks. 14. Highlighters: Use different colors of highlighters to make your teaching job easier. You can use them to organize content and make it easier to find important information. 15. Coffee Cup and Travel Mug: As a teacher, caffeine is essential. Make sure to have a coffee cup and travel mug to keep you fueled throughout the day. 16. EduMagic Shine On: A Guide for New Teachers: This guide is a great resource for new teachers. It can provide guidance and support as you navigate your first year of teaching.

Hannah Sansom
Hannah Sansom

Bonus resources 

Happy teaching, and continue to make the magic happen!

Hannah and Sam

Hannah Sansom is a dear friend and co-author of EduMagic Shine On. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter. Don’t forget to check out her website!

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