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A new teacher's list of must-haves!

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Ok, Edumagicians. You asked, and we delivered! Hannah Sansom and I developed a list of materials and resources for beginning teachers to look out for during the summer. This first-year teacher checklist includes items you can purchase and mindsets you can make now.

Take a look at some of our new teacher shopping list:
  • Personal laminator: Scotch or off-brand. You can get Scotch Laminator pouches through your points via Scholastic Book Club.

  • Good quality teacher shoes: Clarks are my go-to for all seasons.

  • Good teaching bag: But don’t fill it to take home. There will ALWAYS be work. Learn a balance.

  • Stickers and stamps for grading and checking in-class work.

  • Colored pens for grading: Students use red ink for self-checking. I never use red….always pretty colors. Also, so that parents know what students check and what I check.

  • Organized student data binder and teacher binder: My teacher binder has class rosters, meeting notes, and important emails, grades. Student data has info from parents, student RTI notes, small group notes, etc.

  • Something motivational on your desk or teacher area.

  • A mentor: whether it is one you are assigned or someone else. And a good core teacher group. You may want to check out New Teachers connect on Instagram, a community for new teachers working to support one another.

  • Limits for when to work – set up boundaries. Don’t spend all day at school. Learn to say no and yes and set priorities as we talked about in #edumagicnt

  • Bins and containers! Get as many bins and containers as you can! Find them at thrift stores or dollar trees. You never know when you need a bin for your stuff!

  • Markers for your whiteboard – get quality markers in a variety of colors.

  • Items to keep you healthy and protected– Hand sanitizer (get some good-smelling ones from Bath and body works) and a face mask.

  • Sticky notes, either digital or paper, to keep all of those thoughts organized

  • Highlighters with purposes for each color. Think about how you can use highlighters to make your teaching job easier regarding organization content.

  • Coffee cup and travel mug - we have to have our teacher fuel!

  • A copy of EduMagic Shine On a Guide for new teachers, of course!

Bonus resources 

Happy teaching, and continue to make the magic happen!

Hannah and Sam

Hannah Sansom is a dear friend and co-author of EduMagic Shine On. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter. Don’t forget to check out her website!

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