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10 edtech tips for new teachers

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Hey all! This is a cross-over episode with Maddie from the Edtech Classroom Podcast. During this episode, we share five tips each (a total of 10) about edtech for new teachers. Which tips do you resonate most with? What tips do you have using edtech in the classroom?

10 Edtech Tips
  • Take small steps

  • Learn a few tools

  • Think about why

  • User friendly? Trial? try it out?

  • Plan b,c,d

  • Keep it simple

  • Focus on content creation tools

  • Think about the student's perspective

  • Think about ways tech can make your life and job easier

  • Prioritize learning targets and student outcomes

Our 3 edtech favorites

Sam's 3 EdTech Favorites:

  1. Office Lens

  2. Adobe Spark

  3. Wizer

Maddie's 3 EdTech Favorites:

  1. Flipgrid

  2. Jamboard - Available through your Google Drive - New - Google Jamboard

  3. Google Expeditions / Earth

Other EdTech Tools Mentioned:

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