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5 things you need to know when creating a bitmoji classroom

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

EduMagicians, You asked for it. It's here. This episode is all about the bitmoji classroom!

Before we begin, let's rate your bitmoji classroom knowledge:

  1. I have created one

  2. I have noticed them online

  3. I have never heard of them

1. What is bitmoji?

  • Cartoon representation of you

  • Customizable

  • Fun poses and phrases

  • Available through the bitmoji app and chrome extension - ensure you have the bitmoji extension on your browser before you start.

2. What does bitmoji have to do with classrooms?

  • They are digital representations of the classroom space designed for virtual learning.

  • Space is designed to connect, learn, and find resources

  • Bitmoji classrooms must have three elements: fun, informative, and functional.

You don't need to have a bitmoji classroom to be an effective educator!

3. Pros and cons for the bitmoji classroom


  • Can save teachers time

  • More personal

  • Welcoming space for your students to connect with you and each other

  • Watch information and videos at their own pace

  • Students can work ahead or review content as needed

  • Have multiple pages to link to across your bitmoji classroom

  • Add links to additional content

  • Visual for your students to refer to and navigate a space

  • Personalize it - whatever is part of you in your real life, make it part of you in your online space too!


  • Please don't put too much into it; don't waste teacher time creating it!

  • Spend time thinking more about the curriculum

  • It can be overwhelming to students if it is a busy space

  • Please don't make it too crowded!

Before you create one think about the WHY

4. Let's get the bitmoji party started

  • Create your bitmoji by getting the app or chrome extension to create your bitmoji

  • Create a digital classroom using your choice of Google slides, Buncee, or PowerPoint

  • Create a free account in Buncee (sign in with Google or Microsoft)

  • Select create new Buncee and start from scratch

  • Select a background image of a classroom with so many to choose from!

  • Click add to this page- resize, move them around your space, and get creative!

  • Add in items to your bitmoji classroom but add with purpose in mind (see tip 5)

  • how to add your bitmoji to your Buncee - first, open the bitmoji extension and find the bitmoji character you want in your space. Then right-click on the bitmoji picture, select save the image, title it, and save it to your computer. Lastly, click add an item and upload the bitmoji image into your Buncee classroom. You can resize and position as needed.

5. Brainstorm what are some things you are going to want to include in your bitmoji classroom and why?

  • Add with purpose – think about what can I add to this classroom to represent content visually and link to more info? Examples: calendar to schedule, a book to read, a calculator for math content

  • Click add an item and explore all that Buncee has to offer

  • Decorate with plants, rugs, lamps, bookshelves, boards, desks, chairs, couches, etc

  • Upload your images, animated stickers, and videos

Please get to know our guests.


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