Bitmoji Classroom a guest post by Sarah Mills

Updated: Mar 13

Bitmoji! Most may know the term, but just in case, it can be described as a digital cartoon image that should look like yourself. But let’s be honest here, my Bitmoji is way cuter than I could ever think about being. And she is so animated!

Click here for the bitmoji checklist.

Once introduced to the Bitmoji extension, I wanted to put her everywhere. She was in every presentation big and small. From science to social studies, and especially, exit interviews at the end of each semester. Who wouldn’t want to look at that sweet face while I talked about what I learned? Bitmoji is all the craze, but it’s also changing. As students and teachers were forced from classrooms to learning at home, education has become more dependent on technology. And as a result, the Bitmoji classroom is the new fad.