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Advice for aspiring teachers

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Welcome back, EduMagicians. Today, I am sharing a recent episode of the Teaching Tales podcast hosted by my friend Brent Coley. Brent is a podcaster, author, and building principal. We are discussing advice for aspiring teachers. We each shared two ideas and dialogued back and forth during our conversation. Here we go!

Episode takeaways
  • Get connected on insta and Twitter.

  • Don't compare yourself to someone else!

  • Get out there!

  • Relationship before rules

  • Kids must know that you care about them and that they are safe.

  • Self-care

  • Set boundaries for yourself and take care of yourself!

  • Don't neglect nonacademic aspects of your classroom - the power of fun and, in the little things, noticing things about your students.

  • Learning never stops!

  • Each year you get better at what you do!

  • Dress like a professional

Resources mentioned in this episode
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