Are you a special education major? Featuring Dr. Sara Heintzelman

Welcome back EduMagicians, today I with me Dr. Sara Heintzelman an instructional technology specialist and former special education teacher. She is also an adjunct professor where she teaches instructional design for K-12 educators. We met a few years ago at KTI 2018 Star Summit in Pa and became fast friends. We are discussing tips for special education majors in this episode. This episode has a freebie too - Freebie alert - Field observation form.

Here we go!

Episode takeaways
  • Students with emotional needs respond to technology, direct instruction, active engagement

  • Visit many different kinds of special education classrooms - a variety of LREs!

  • Observe with intention and a plan!

  • Write down any and all acronyms that you have, build a list now and keep adding to it. Look it up and ask about it.

  • When you are in school for observation, fieldwork, or student teaching, review the school board minutes!

  • Document your learning along the way through written work, pictures, journal, or reflecting.

  • Keep learning and keep growing!

  • Make the most of your summers through volunteer work and work in the field

  • You want to have choices when you graduate

  • Get diverse experiences!

  • Freebie alert - Field observation form

Resources mentioned in this episode

Connect with Dr. Heintzelman

On Twitter @saraheintzelman

She is a technology integration specialist, presenter, learner, & adjunct professor.

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