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Attention Special Ed Teachers in traditional, Hybrid & Remote classrooms featuring Simone Buckley

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Welcome to another episode of the EduMagic podcast. Today I have Simone Buckley on the show, and during this episode, she shares her tips for teaching and supporting students with special needs in online, in-person, and hybrid learning spaces. Simone created these resources to help support teachers and students in these different learning spaces. Simone is a certified special education teacher, Google educator level 2, Google Innovator, and RESNA ATP. She is all about promoting accessibility for all! During this episode, Simone shares two strategies for each classroom environment space.

In-person learning

Emphasize physical distancing, not social distancing - work on how you phrase this act of physically distancing your bodies.

  • Create break bins for your students. Include items that your students enjoy and want to engage with. For example, add legos, coloring books, squishy balls, playdough, headphones, small building blocks, small figurines, textured books, etc. Personalize each break box for your students.

  • Class dojo to track student behavior and link with parents. Students can show what they know in different ways, group students, set a class goal, class motivational videos, growth mindset focus activities, and connect with parents in creative ways.

Hybrid learning spaces
  • Track data digitally with google forms or Microsoft Forms. Track for IEP goals/objectives or quizzing options too.

  • Google Jamboard: Virtual board to collaborate, add sticky notes, brainstorm, and create mindmaps. It's a collaborative whiteboard! Have students share ideas and thoughts on a topic - great for an anticipatory set.

Virtual learning spaces

Screencastify - Give feedback through video.

  • Talk and comment through voice or video options on Google.

  • Check out the list of extensions listed in her presentation. An extension allows you to customize your browsing experience. Create a learning environment that reaches all of your learners.

Resources mentioned in this episode:
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