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Being a mindful future teacher featuring Danielle Nuhfer

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Hey Edumagicains,

Welcome back to another episode of the EduMagic podcast! Today I have with me a fantastic educator Danielle Nuhfer. Do you ever want to be in the moment with your students, but your mind is drifting to what you need to get done? Today she is sharing about mindfulness and how after we check in with ourselves, it can help with classroom management. First, Danielle shares her teaching story and how she didn't want to be a teacher, but she caught the teaching bug! She has now been an educator for 18 years! Let's get right into it - mindfulness for future teachers.

Notes from our conversation
  • What is mindfulness? - Being present in the moment without judgment. Pay attention to the moment. It is simple but not easy.

  • Practice mindfulness outside the classroom and use your five senses to observe what is happening. Take a deep breath. Designate a specific time to practice being mindful - make an appointment with yourself.

  • By practicing outside the classroom, you can focus on what is happening, not have your mind running during classroom time—being present with your students.

  • Take three breaths before you enter the classroom space (virtual, traditional, or hybrid). Create mindful moments in your day so you can check in with yourself.

  • Silent 60 - shut off cameras, heads down, everyone arrives in our space, and take a quiet 60-second check-in. Leave all your stuff at the door—a time to regroup and refocus energy. Be thoughtful with the words that you use in your classroom.

  • Why do we need to be mindful? Teaching can be chaotic in a beautiful and unknown way, so we must be mindful and make decisions quickly.

  • How does it help you with classroom management? First, shift your mindset about classroom management. What can you control - your reaction? Create a classroom of respect and rapport. Be mindful of your emotions and reactions. Breathe and check in with your students. You need to control yourself and meet your student's needs with the resources you have available.


Connect with Danielle Danielle Nuhfer

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