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Self-Care for Student Teachers featuring Kiana Cole 

Updated: Mar 13

During this episode, Kiana Cole shares the importance of self-care for teachers. Kiana Cole is an elementary mindfulness educator for teachers and students and a self-care and community care enthusiast. Kiana shares the following topics:

  • Self-care and community care

  • Saucer love

  • Types of self-care - physical, emotional, social, spiritual

  • Collective wellness

  • Strategies to set up boundaries

  • Journaling and self-affirmations

  • Routine and schedule

  • Find joy each day

  • Build community in your class, school, district, and partnerships

Kiana is from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, where she learned her love for educating and mentoring children. She graduated from Howard University and received her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. This contributed to her hunger for facilitating change and promoting joy in every space she enters. She spent three years teaching third grade in the District of Columbia Public Schools before becoming a mindfulness and dance educator.

She currently teaches dance to elementary-aged students and leads a brand called “Kickin It With Ki, where she created “Cut The Noise, Mindfulness,” which she uses to help teachers and students cut the noise out of their lives and live their best, most purposeful lives through mindfulness, self-care, and community care support. Kiana believes in sharing her journey to light the pathway for others.

Connect with Kiana:

IG: @kickinitwithki_

Twitter: @kikickin

YouTube: @Kiana Cole

Text alerts: 202-918-3255

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