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Buncee: Versatility and accessibility for remote learning

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Hey edumagicians, this post is brought to you by Jordyn Pistilli and me! We co-wrote this piece for the Buncee blog. Check it out!

During this uncertain time, we need to turn to online educational tools that offer us versatility, ease of use, and accessibility for all students. Buncee fits the bill! Given the recent learning transition to online platforms, this tool might be just what teachers need. Buncee offers free classroom accounts to schools and teachers turning to distance learning due to COVID-19. You can learn more about how Buncee supports remote learning here.

Buncee is a tool that works double duty. As a teacher, you can use it to create and share content and engage students in learning. Buncee can be used across various teaching methods – large group, small group, and station rotations. In addition, students can use Buncee to show what they know uniquely. We can use Buncee to reach students by incorporating audio, text, links, animations, and images. And it is a tool that you can implement across grade levels and subject areas.

Students can create and share their learning through Buncee, despite the distance we’re all experiencing. The list below features lesson/activity ideas for both teachers AND students:

One of our favorite features of Buncee is that they have partnered with Microsoft to incorporate Immersive Reader, a fantastic accessibility tool. Immersive Reader takes the text you create in Buncee and reads it aloud to the student. The student can also adjust the text preferences to suit their needs, with options to make the font larger, increase the spacing between lines of text and characters, and adjust the contrast of the background to the text on the page, to name a few.

Immersive Reader also allows students to focus on each line simultaneously as it highlights and reads the text aloud. In addition, if that isn’t enough – Immersive Reader can translate both individual words and the entire text! And did we mention that this comes standard with Buncee? To learn more about how Immersive Reader and Buncee work together, check out this Buncee. Teachers should be encouraged to take advantage of accessible tools like Buncee during these times to create a positive and engaging learning environment online - for all students!

About  Dr. Samantha Fecich

Hi, I’m Dr. Sam Fecich, and I am here to tell you that teaching doesn’t begin when you walk across the stage at graduation. But instead, teaching begins during your first college class at 8:00 AM. I have been a professor of education for over six years. I give you tangible tips, strategies, and encouragement each week to guide you along your teaching journey. I’m the author of Edumagic: A Guide for Preservice Teachers, co-author of Edumagic, Shine On: A Guide for New Teachers, and host of the theEdumagic Podcast. Let’s connect over on Twitter or Instagram@SFecich.

About Jordyn Pistilli

Ms. Jordyn Pistilli is a soon-to-be graduate of Grove City College, majoring in History & Social Studies Secondary Education. Jordyn is passionate about bringing history to life through technology and making learning accessible for all students. She is from Northern Virginia, and Jordyn likes watching Marvel movies in her free time! Connect with Jordyn on Twitter @jordyn_pistilli!

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