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Clubhouse for PD featuring Monica Burns

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Monica Burns is our guest today on the EduMagic Podcast. A former NY teacher, Monica is the host of the Easy EdTech Podcast, an edtech guru, a speaker, and an educational leader. We're sharing tips on professional development (PD) on the go with clubhouse!

Teachers and future teachers have a wide variety of options for professional development. Engaging in social media, listening to podcasts, and interacting in clubhouse conversations are ways to get out of the classroom and connect with other educators.

Monica uses Clubhouse to host mini-podcast topics and Q&A activities. Future teachers could connect and hear from experts in the field via Clubhouse. Participants will ask questions and engage in meaningful dialogue with educators. You can continue to grow as an educator if you open yourself up to new ideas and strategies.

How do I get started on Clubhouse as a teacher?

  • Connect social media handle

  • Get a pic up there

  • Bio to let people know what you are interested in

  • Connect with others on Clubhouse by searching for relevant keywords

  • Listen in and sit back

  • Learn the rules and roles of the room

  • Hallway - recommended spaces of rooms that you might be interested in listening in the conversation

  • Follow different topics that interest you

  • Don't monopolize the conversation or use it as a time to "pitch yourself."

  • Introduce yourself and let them know when you're done speaking, for example, "Hi, my name is Monica, and I will discuss this topic. Then say, "I'm done speaking." By doing this step, it helps individuals who are using closed captioning.

  • Flashing mic - when you see it, that person agrees or claps their hands. Similar to the hearts on Instagram, live.

  • If you have something to share, raise your hand to join the stage so you can interact.

Connect with Monica Burns

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