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Crafting your "About Me" Page: 12 essential questions

Aspiring teachers can benefit from creating a digital portfolio to establish their professional profile and get noticed online. In this episode, we discuss the importance of the About Me page in your digital portfolio while also touching upon the Welcome page.

The Welcome page is like a digital handshake that greets the reader. It includes content like:

  • Professional photo of you

  • Goals for your digital portfolio

  • How your digital portfolio is organized

  • How readers can connect with you (this can be a footer)

When you create an "About Me" page for your digital portfolio as a future teacher, it's crucial to balance professionalism and personal connection. Begin by greeting your audience warmly and providing a brief overview of your teaching philosophy. Share what motivates you to teach and your vision for education. 

To establish your credibility as an educator:

  1. Include your educational background, relevant experience, and certifications.

  2. Highlight any specializations, professional development courses, or unique skills that set you apart.

  3. Remember to mention your passion for continuous learning and growth in education.

Consider adding a personal touch to make your "About Me" page more engaging. Share a fun fact about yourself, a memorable teaching experience, or a meaningful quote that aligns with your teaching approach. 

Including a professional photograph of yourself can also help create a friendly and welcoming impression. A digital portfolio usually includes an About Me page or section where you can showcase your professional and personal information.

Desk with laptop
Desk with laptop

About me Page Brainstorm Questions:

Developing ideas for your About Me page can be challenging, but here are some questions that can help you brainstorm.


- Who am I as an educator?

- What inspired me to become a teacher?

- What is my educational background?

Teaching Philosophy:

- What is my teaching philosophy?

- How do I approach and engage with students?

- What values and principles guide my teaching style?

Subject Expertise:

- What subjects or topics am I specialized in?

- How do I simplify complex concepts for students to understand?

Teaching Experience:

- What is my teaching experience?

- Have I worked with specific age groups or demographics?

- Are there particular teaching methods or strategies I excel in?

Innovations and Adaptations:

- How do I incorporate technology into my teaching methods?

- How do I adapt to different learning styles in the classroom?

Classroom Environment:

- What kind of classroom environment do I strive to create?

- How do I foster a positive and inclusive space for learning?

Student Success:

- How do I measure and define student success?

- Can I share any success stories or testimonials from students?

Professional Development:

- How do I stay up-to-date on educational trends and best practices?

- Have I pursued any continuous learning or professional development?


- What are some notable achievements in my teaching career?

- Have I received any awards or recognitions?

Community Involvement:

- How do I engage with the community beyond the classroom?

- Have I participated in any extracurricular activities or initiatives?

Future Goals:

- What are my future goals as an educator?

- Are there any specific projects or initiatives I aim to undertake?

What I am currently doing:

- Regarding my career

- How I got there

- Where I'm looking to go next

What makes me unique:

- How my background contributes to my work

- Aspects of my work I'm most passionate about

- What I love most about my work

- Some of my biggest professional and personal accomplishments.

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