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Student Teacher Letter EduMagic 03

Updated: Mar 13

Hello friends,

This week, we are going to discuss writing the meet-the-student-teacher letter. Connecting with students and their families is important, even if you are the student teacher. Reaching out and informing parents and caregivers is critical. You play an important role in a child's education as a student teacher, even if you are only there for seven weeks.

Friends, this is going to be a workshop-type session today. A disclaimer, though: There are so many ways to write and create this letter; there is no one right way. I wanted to share a few of my favorite elements with you. If you listen to this and think, "Sam, you forgot an important element." Please comment or tag me on social media @SFecich, and I will be happy to add it. As you know, we are better together.

So here are the elements of a fabulous and informative meet-the-student-teacher letter, in no particular order.

· Teacher-friendly photo: This is a fun yet professional photo of you and just you! It's not a glamour shot or a picture of you with a group of friends. It's just a photo of you doing what you do—teaching, learning, and growing.

· Teaching story: Share the reason why you teach. Why do you want to impact children? Why do you want to be an educator of excellence? Who inspired you to be a teacher?

· Background: Think of this section as information about you, such as your family, where you are from, what you are studying, what you plan to do after graduation, and whether you have a specialization area or minor.

· Fun facts or favorites: food, movie, restaurant, ice cream flavor, game, sport, etc. You get the idea: fun facts about you or hidden talents. If you play the ukulele, put it here.

· Contact information: You may want to put a link to your digital portfolio. You may also want to say, "To contact me, please contact (insert name of mentor teacher here)."

· Sign it: End it with your signature and how you want to be addressed, such as Miss Beesley or Mr. Shrute.

Now that we have the content and what to include in our letter, how will we create it? There are so many technology tools to help you craft this letter, so it has your flair and style. Never fear, friends. I've got you covered with two great tech tools. I recommend canva or Adobe Spark. Both are free and very user-friendly–all you must do is input your content. It couldn’t be easier!

Don't forget to share it on social media with #EduMagic. I want to see what you create and how you make it your own.

You have the EduMagic in YOU!

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