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Effective Strategies for CTE Teachers Featuring Khristen Massic

Are you a future CTE teacher? Join Khristen Massic and me as we discuss planning essentials and tips for future CTE teachers. During this episode, Khristen starts by sharing her teaching story and then dives right into strategies for CTE teachers.

What kinds of classes does a Career and Technical Education (CTE) teacher teach?

  • Specials - where students leave a gen ed class and go somewhere else. You have students for a short amount of time. An example would be a library, gym, art, etc.

  • Electives - students choose to take the class. This is typically in the secondary level of learning in high school. Family and consumer sciences, welding, carpentry, STEM, coding, arts, and music are a few examples.

These classes are application based and offer real-world learning experiences for students. Please check with your state certification program to get certified in these areas.

Strategies to support CTE teachers

  • Have specific routines and procedures in place from day 1

  • Know your content area standards and also cross-curricular standards

  • Collaborate with general education teachers

  • Collaborate with other CTE teachers in your region and through social media

  • Have a life outside of teaching

Resources mentioned in this episode

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