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Executive functioning skills for learners of all ages!

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Hello, Edumagicians,

Charell Coleman is with me today, and we're talking about how to support executive functioning skills with learners of all ages! Charell and I connected during the Teach Your Heart Out Conference this past summer. A life-long learner, Charell shares her teaching story and why she is passionate about helping students of all ages develop executive functioning skills. We discuss executive functioning, how we can help our students of all ages foster executive functioning skills, and more!

What is executive functioning?

Executive functioning skills help students cope with academic and life tasks. It involves both biological and developmental aspects of learning and how we learn. Executive functioning includes organizing skills, time management, scheduling, initiation of tasks, and more.

What can we do to foster executive functioning in our students?

  • Teachers need to implement consistent systems.

  • Use a learning management system to see what the week will look like. Forecast what will occur this week.

  • Offer students a variety of ways to participate in class (ex., show a sign, speak up, flexible seating, standing desks, etc.)

  • Provide checklists for students

  • Break down a large project into small parts

  • Use digital and physical calendar/agendas (google calendar with notifications and reminders for assignments)

  • Offer feedback and opportunities to review and revise assignments.

What about our college students?

  • Provide strategies for task initiation

  • Students can work on self-regulation skills

  • What does being an attentive student look like in class? What are active listening and note-taking?

  • Students need to work on prioritizing and planning their tasks

  • Foster cognitive flexibility

  • Time management skills

  • Know the office hours of your professors

  • Provide visual aids for students to make connections

  • Reach out to the professor early on and connect to build relationships and learn ideas/content/topics.

  • Set your intention for the day

Connect with Charell Coleman

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