Finding a fit at an international school featuring Greg Lemoine

Updated: Jun 4

We are back with another episode of the Edumagic podcast. We present tips and techniques for attending international job fairs in this episode.

Attending an international job fair differs from attending a national job fair. In this episode, we will cover

  • Where do international job fairs take place?

  • How is the global job interview conducted?

  • What questions should I expect?

Learn more tips for a successful international career fair experience.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Learn about the three biggest international job fairs.

  • Many advantages come with teaching abroad, including respect and lower costs.

  • How to approach international job fairs and what to bring to the interview.

  • How to prepare for a teaching interview at an international job fair.

Now what? What can you do now?

  • The first thing to do is research the top 3 international job fair organizations.

  • You should update your resume and make an appointment with the career center.

  • Update your bio and information in your database

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