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Job Fair Like a Boss Part 2

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Hello EduMagicians,

Erin Lewis Slaying the job fair like a boss
Erin Lewis Slaying the job fair like a boss

I am back with Erin Lewis - we are going to dive into tips 6-10 for slaying the job fair like a boss! If you want to catch up tips 1-5 check out episode 10. These tips will not only prepare you for the job fair but will also help you build your confidence during the job fair experience.

By the end of this interview you will be ready for the job fair!

Let's jump right in!

6) Professional Attire

  • Plan to wear appropriate interview attire

  • Think conservative, darker colors

  • Blacks, browns, grays, navys

  • Nothing too flashy, limited jewelry

  • Cover tattoos and piercings

  • Skirts should be appropriate length, not too short and blouses should be school appropriate and not too low cut

  • Avoid heels that are too high -- you’ll be doing a lot of walking!

  • BE COMFORTABLE! Job fairs are long days. Wear something that you’ll feel confident in, but also that allows you to stay comfortable and professional

7) Show Initiative
  • Arrive Early

  • Shake Hands

  • Make Direct Eye Contact

  • Be Enthusiastic


  • Stay Positive (No venting)

  • Remember to talk about your research -- the school, the position, the community

  • Show you did your research to reflect that you took initiative!

  • If there is a particular school in which you’re especially interested, you can take the initiative and reach out to that school/recruiter before the fair

  • Be courteous-- avoid taking school momentos before talking with a recruiter

8) Network
  • Collect Business cards from EVERYONE you meet with -- and take notes on how you met, what you talked about

  • Connect with EVERYONE on LinkedIn!

  • Talk to other job seekers! This is a fun way to warm up if you’re nervous to talk with recruiters!

  • If you are REALLY interested in a position, keep doing research and making connections

9) Take Notes
  • Who did you talk with and what did you talk about?

  • What are the next steps and their application process

  • Did you schedule an interview? What time? When? Location?

  • Write down the names, telephone numbers, etc. of other staff in the organization whom you can contact later

  • Note specific employer information sessions, on-campus interviewing and projected hiring dates that will affect you

  • You will not be able to take advantage of this information if you don't record it!