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From the Classroom to the Mic: Mercedes Musto’s Journey in Education, Exam Prep, & Podcasting

Updated: Jun 13

Hello, edumagicians, and welcome back to another episode of the EduMagic Podcast! I know it is testing exam prep season, and I have an expert with us today. Her name is Mercedes Musto, and she’ll share strategies, tips, tricks, and tons of resources for all of you who are in testing prep season.

My prayers are with you all as you go through all your coursework, notes, practice tests, and even the test sign-up process, which can feel like a test within itself. We are right here with you, wishing you the best of luck during testing season. Today, Mercedes is going to be sharing all sorts of strategies to help you out.

Meet Mercedes Musto

Mercedes Musto's journey into education is inspiring. Transitioning from the restaurant business to teaching, she began as a ninth-grade reading teacher. The shift was challenging, especially with students who were plugged into their headphones. This challenge sparked her interest in podcasting as a tool for education.

Over the years, she taught journalism and found her passion for working with at-risk students, spending six years in a maximum-security juvenile detention facility. There, she didn’t just teach English; she taught hope, making a lasting impact on her students.

FTCE Seminar and the Birth of Exam Prep Podcasting

Mercedes’ work as a doctoral candidate at the University of West Florida led her to explore why some people pass certification exams while others don’t. Her research revealed that many teacher candidates struggled with study strategies and test anxiety rather than content knowledge.

This insight led to the creation of the FTCE seminar podcast. Through this podcast, she provides motivational support and practical tips for exam preparation. Mercedes also highlights the significance of preparing for external factors, such as test logistics, to ensure that candidates are mentally and physically ready for their exams.

Exam Prep Strategies

Mercedes shares some key strategies for exam prep:

  1. Managing Exam Anxiety: She has podcast episodes dedicated to overcoming test anxiety and battling overthinking.

  2. Preparing for External Factors: Know the logistics of your exam day, from travel time to what you consume before the test. Avoid anything that could add to your anxiety.

  3. Study Strategies: Use her podcasts to reinforce the knowledge you already have. This approach can boost your confidence and success rate.

Innovative Uses of Podcasting in Education

Mercedes sees immense potential in using podcasts for various educational purposes:

  • For English Language Learners: Podcasts allow for pausing, rewinding, and repeating, which is beneficial for language acquisition.

  • For Professional Development: Podcasts provide accessible learning opportunities for educators.

  • For Classroom Instruction: They can help develop listening skills and engagement among students.

Mercedes also highlights the potential of audio discussion boards, where students can engage more deeply and meaningfully than in traditional written formats. This method can foster better engagement, especially for quieter students, and create a more personal learning experience.

Mercedes’ Current and Future Projects

Mercedes is completing the FTCE general knowledge exam blueprint podcast series and will soon start working on the Florida Civics Literacy Exam podcast. This new project has the potential to impact hundreds of thousands of students, including those preparing for the U.S. immigration and naturalization exam.

Words of Wisdom

For aspiring teachers, Mercedes offers profound advice: Teaching is more than just content delivery; it’s about showing love and providing stability. Despite external negativity, educators play a crucial role in shaping students’ lives. Focus on the positive impacts, and remember, as teachers, you are the original influencers.

Connect with Mercedes Musto

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You can find Mercedes and her resources at:

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