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Gifting Gratitude: The Perfect Presents for Student Teachers

As student teachers begin their journey of dedication, passion, and endless learning in education, a thoughtful gift can show your appreciation and support for their efforts. Choosing the right present can significantly impact their lives, whether you are a mentor, colleague, friend, or family member.

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Here are ten inspiring gift ideas to help your student teacher start their career with confidence and joy:

  1. Personalized Tote Bag or Backpack: A practical gift that keeps on giving! This stylish accessory will help them carry their essential materials comfortably.

  2. Basket of teaching goodies: Create a basket of teacher goodies, from expo markers to pencils, pens, erasers, mini whiteboards, desk organizers, etc. Give your student teacher a gift that prepares them for their first year.

  3. Handmade Gift from Students: There's nothing more heartwarming than a simple yet heartfelt gesture from the students themselves. Whether it's a hand-drawn picture, a personalized card, or a collaborative project, it's a reminder of the impact they're already making.

  4. Personalized Teacher Stamp: A unique and practical gift that adds a personal touch to their work. This stamp will remind them of their dedication and commitment to education, from marking papers to grading assignments.

  5. Gift Card for Educational Resources: Give the gift of choice! A gift card to educational websites, classroom supply stores, or book retailers allows student teachers to personalize their classrooms and purchase resources that align with their teaching style and goals.

  6. Subscription to a Professional Education Magazine or Journal: Stay informed and engaged! A subscription to a professional education publication provides access to current research, best practices, and insights from experienced educators.

  7. High-Quality Lesson Planning Notebook: Organization is key! A well-designed notebook will be their go-to companion for planning insightful lessons, jotting notes, and reflecting on their teaching journey.

  8. A personalized journal: A dedicated space for reflection and personal growth. A beautiful journal can be used to document their experiences, capture valuable insights, and set goals for their future in education.

  9. Edumagic: A Guide for Preservice Teachers by Samantha Fecich: This comprehensive guide equips student teachers with practical strategies, classroom management techniques, and invaluable advice to navigate the realities of teaching and thrive in their first year.

  10. Crush It from the Start: 50 Tips for New Teachers by Matt Rhoads, Sam Fecich, Casey Jakubowski, and Kevin Leichtman: Filled with wisdom and practical tips from experienced educators, this book covers all the essentials – from lesson planning and classroom management to parent communication and student engagement. It's a treasure trove of resources to help new teachers maximize their impact in the classroom.

Bonus gift ideas for your student teacher

  • Plant

  • A gift card to your favorite local coffee shop/bookshop

  • Membership to a local museum or gallery

If you are looking for gifts for a student teacher, consider these practical and thoughtful options that show your support and belief in their potential to shape the future of education. These gifts can help their development and contribute to their success in their chosen profession.

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