Gifting season for student teachers, mentor teachers, and students!

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Well, it's that time of year when we start to scour the internet for gifts for teachers, student teachers, and students! You might be wondering what should I get my cooperating teacher for helping me all semester? Or what can I get my students, I have like no money!


No worries edumagicains, I got ya covered with a few ideas for gifts for your mentor teacher, student teacher, and of course, our students!

I thought I would spend some time sharing some gift ideas for your favorite educator. Spoiler alert there is some overlap in gift ideas but I think you will get some good ideas from this list!

Gifts for mentor teacher

In addition to the gift that you purchased for your cooperating teacher include a heart-felt written thank you note. You might also want to write a thank you letter or note to these helpful individuals during your student teaching journey

  • Principal

  • College supervisor

  • Other teachers who helped you in the school or district (think other grade level teacher, special ed teacher, or the edtech coach!)

Here is a list of a few gift ideas for your cooperating teacher:

Gifts for student teacher (new grad)

I love getting my student teacher a copy of the Wizard of Oz for graduation with a note that reads, "You have the brains, courage, and heart to be an educator of excellence." Are you a professor or mentor teacher and you want to get something for your student teacher or field student? Here are a few suggestions:

Gifts for students

As teachers, we teach students of all ages! Getting them a gift can show that we are thinking of them and appreciate their hard work this year.

  • Individualized bookmarks made in canva and printed for each student

  • Video of students throughout the year created in adobe spark or Animoto

  • Copy of your favorite book from when you were in that grade

Small gift bags filled with different items with a fun tag on it such as

  • mini erasers, crayons, pencil a gift bag to restock each student desk supplies can be put in a pencil case for each student.

  • chalk "Chalk it up to a great semester with Student teacher name"

  • pencils "You're a sharp student! I'm going to miss you! - Student teacher name"

  • popcorn "Popped into to say have a great year! I'm so going to miss you!"

  • bubbles "Student name, you blew me away this year"

  • small bag of cookies "Student name, you are one smart cookie!"

Check out this pinterest board full of ideas!
Share your ideas for gifts for a mentor teacher, student teacher, or students below!
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