End of the year gifts for teachers and students

Updated: May 6

Well, it's that time of year when we start to scour the internet for gifts for teachers, student teachers, and students! I thought I would spend some time sharing some gift ideas for your favorite educator. Spoiler alert there is some overlap in gift ideas but I think you will get some good ideas from this list!

Gifts for mentor teacher

In addition to the gift that you purchased for your cooperating teacher include a heart-felt written thank you note. Here is a list of a few gift ideas for your cooperating teacher or mentor teacher:

Gifts for student teacher (new grad)

Are you a professor or mentor teacher and you want to get something for your student teacher or field student? Do you want to get them something to thank them for their hard work? Here are a few suggestions:

Gifts for students

As teachers, we teach students of all ages! Getting them a gift can show that we are thinking of them and appreciate their hard work this year.

  • Individualized bookmarks made in canva and printed for each student

  • Video of students throughout the year created in adobe spark or Animoto

  • Welcome summer kit with bubbles, chalk, sunglasses, and a book.

Share your ideas for gifts for a mentor teacher, student teacher, or students below!