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Go beyond your limits. Your students will thank you for it later -Featuring Rebecca Gibboney

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Hello EduMagicians!

Happy teacher appreciation week 2020! To celebrate all of you and to show ya how much I appreciate you, I will be posting one episode of the podcast each day this week May 4th - 8th. To start us off I have Becky Gibboney on the show today. Becky is an education advocate, passionate change agent, and instiller of hope. She is a curriculum Specialist @blastIU17, author of #tiebreakerEDU published by @edumatchbooks and a #KTI '17 star! During our conversation, she shares her teaching story, advice for preservice teachers, and more!

Tell me about your teaching story or journey into teaching and education.

Becky never thought that she was going to get into education. She is from a family of educators and wanted to be a prison counselor but soon found that wasn't the path for her. During her sophomore year of college, a Spanish professor approached her and shared how she was good at Spanish and mentioned that she should study abroad and become a Spanish educator. That was it! It was Spanish - a topic she could be passionate and creative. She was so excited and found her passion in a part-time job. She had a few other side jobs and even wrote a middle school curriculum for Spanish and ended up being full time. About 5 years ago she started instructional coaching and now she is a curriculum, online learning specialist.

Share a favorite teaching moment from your college days

Student teaching was such a long time ago. But some things that she remembers are:

  • Students are curious

  • Teach to the whole student and the content will come

  • Life lessons from Señorita - share life lessons with her students

  • Have positive vibes going with students

  • Sunshine box - everyone needs one - put the notes, cards, and pull it out to remember your why. Write down quotes, ideas, positive notes from students. It will give ya a boost!

Please share some advice that you have for preservice teachers related to the EduMagic areas.
  • Your digital presence is your mark, your brand.

  • It rejuvenates your teaching soul!

  • This is how I connect with my PLN!

  • This is what you need to fuel yourself outside the classroom. Get connected! Ask questions! Etc.

  • It does not need to be tons but one or two that will challenge you and push you to be the best educator you can be! It's your go-to!

  • I’m not a traditional teacher. Get out of the classroom – get to conferences, virtual, or face to face! Travel! Be open!

Advice for preservice teachers
  • Get out of the scheduled program – listen to your students, not just the curriculum

  • Get out and go to conferences - virtual, face to face, listen, and participate in podcasts!

  • Envision what you want in your classroom

  • Get out of the comfort zone – challenge you to set one goal of trying one new thing each school year. Just one!

  • Pick one new thing that you want to try in your classroom and give it a shot!

  • Be innovative

  • The world is your playground – you need to get out and always question what if...but then, don’t let that stop you!

  • Everyone balances it differently - how long does a seesaw stay balanced? Don't compare to others.

  • Take a step back and think about your priorities and focus on the positives.

  • Reach and go beyond your limits. Your students will thank you for it later!

Resources mentioned by Becky
Connect with Becky

  • Connect with Becky on Twitter


  • Check out Becky's book The tiebreaker here. In The Tiebreaker, Rebecca Gibboney gives educators the scouting report on how to build a culture of gamification for professional learning. Filled with gamification examples, a game plan, and the keys to victory, the question remains…Do you have what it takes to lead your team to victory? After all, you could be THE TIEBREAKER!"

Remember you have the EduMagic in YOU!

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