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How to rock your teaching interview - remote style

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

This episode was originally a webinar hosted by AAEE. Head on over to for a checklist, video, & presentation that goes along with this episode. Please share what resonated with you during this episode with #edumagic. Grab some 🍵,✏️, and 🗒 let's get this party started! Here we go! Strategies to help you rock your teaching interview - remotely!

Logistics – prep before your virtual interview

This is all about the lights, camera, action. First, let people in your household know when your interview is going to take place and where you will be!

Next, it is time to check yo'self!

  • Is it clear and clean?

  • Professional vibe?

  • Are you sitting high enough in your chair?

  • Turn on as many lights as you can around you

  • Make it bright

  • Make sure that correct speakers audio are selected

  • Test your speakers

  • Test your mic

  • Use a headset if you have one!

  • Is the correct webcam selected?

  • Keep it professional

  • Dress professional top to bottom!

  • Look at your camera, not the screen or thumbnail

  • Keep focused on that little dot or light

  • It's like making eye contact with your interviewer

Practice, practice, practice!
  • Set up a skype call with a relative and practice talking into the camera.

  • Also, practice functions of the tool you are using

Best practices
Google yourself
  • Know what's online about you!

  • Check the images, news, videos, and more!

  • Own your digital presence make it positive, professional and present

Show don't tell
  • Show what YOU did

  • Show how you accomplished goals and teaching standards

  • Show don't tell

  • Use your digital portfolio Connect your passions and the community or culture.

Additional resources

Follow up - Seal the deal!
  • Send a thank-you note

  • It goes a long way!

  • (listen to an episode about this topic!)

  • Send a personal follow up thank you email to each person who interviewed you.

  • Share something interesting or a link to something that you mentioned in your interview.

Alright, let's recap first, prep for your virtual interview with lights, camera, audio, action! Practice using the technology that will be used during the interview! Next, review some common questions that are asked during the interview process. Lastly, follow up with a thank-you note! It really does go a long way!

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