Job interview part 1 with John Martinez

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Today during the EduMagic podcast I am joined by John Martinez, a father, a husband, principal, co-host of the @betweenthejohns podcast. John shares his teaching story and how his life changed after a moment where he decided he wanted to impact the planet in a better way - by teaching. He also gives great advice for new teachers and tips on how to crush your teaching interview. He shares his opening question to all candidates and how to end your interview with a homerun!

Listen to the episode here!

Advice for future and first-year teachers

  • Get a feel for the classroom you want to be in one day through observations and fieldwork in that area. (💡 Fecich tip: Do this as soon as possible. Don't wait until you have a required field experience class to gt into the classroom. Get in there early and often!)

  • Build a professional relationship with your mentor teacher and those around you going through the same experience as student teachers.

  • Get connected! NOW! It is so easy to start to build your PLN as a future teacher. Learn how to get connected on Instagram here . Or read Getting Connected: 3 reasons why you need a PLN

  • Be open to diverse perspectives

  • Keep learning and build relationships

  • Share your own perspective too! But, be respectful! You have tremendous value to contribute.

  • Hear and listen to others

Interview tips & strategies
  • You never know what a district is looking for in terms of fit, match, expertise, etc. You need to research the district ahead of time!

  • Be true to yourself. Go in with the mindset, "I am going to demonstrate who I am and if who I am is the best match for this job then that is going to happen. If I don't get selected then if I don't get selected I am not who they need now."

  • Who are you and what do you stand for?

  • Extend the interview with a thank you note or email

  • Be ready to answer the question, "Is there anything else we should know about you?"

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