How to set the stage to engage in the online space

Alright friends, we gotta talk about it. The elephant in the room - you know what I’m talking about that time between when you enter a synchronous meeting and all of your students enter the room too. That awkward time when we are all staring at each other waiting for the clock to turn to 8:00 AM so we can start our class. You know what I’m talking about! I was once in that space where we are just waiting for class to start. Some kids have their cameras on, others don’t, waiting for everyone to join the meeting so we can start - well, you don’t have to feel that awkward feeling any more friends! I know we can’t recreate the traditional classroom space, but we can still infuse fun and positivity in the air (I think there is an essential oil for that- just kidding).

Anyway, some ways I like to get the party started in our class is by:
  • As students come in I greet them by name

  • Give them an air high five, fist bump, wave, thumbs up, or dab! And of course a smile!

  • I have music playing in the background (I love to share my audio)

  • Share a playlist with students so they can add their own music

  • I ask them questions

  • How was practice?

  • How did rehearsal go?

  • How’s your week going?

  • What are you looking forward to?

  • Share a story about my life something funny that happened or something I have going on

I also have a screen up with a prompt. So as they are coming into the space being welcomed with a smile I have a fun prompt up along with some business stuff to take care of. Such as - did you submit your work? Find the files for today’s class and lastly a fun prompt. I want to share those slides with you!

You can find it here: . What you will find on these slides that you can edit them and set the stage for conversation, learning, and fun in your online space. Keep checking back on these slides as they will be updated as I use them in my classes.

Share out on social using #isteten fun ways that you engage your students as they enter the online learning space.
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