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Inspire your teaching practice with podcasts!

Updated: Oct 31, 2022


Are you looking to own your professional development? Want to take learning into your own hands (or, in this case – ears?) I am excited to share how you can do just that – through podcasts! Podcasts are excellent resources to learn and grow on topics of your choice in an hour a day during your commute or in your PJs! I started to listen to podcasts to learn more about different teaching topics for new teachers to inform my pedagogy and practice for preservice educators.

What are podcasts?
  • Audio shows different topics.

  • The length of podcasts varies from ten minutes to an hour (or longer!).

  • There are podcasts available to you on every topic under the sun.

  • Podcasts are FREE to subscribe to. Some of my favorite apps to listen to Podcasts include Google Play, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Pocketcast, and TuneIn.

There is a podcast show or episode out there for everyone. Subscribe and give them a listen! I know you will enjoy them.

  • EduMagic - A podcast for preservice teachers. Join host Dr. Sam Fecich as she interviews preservice teachers using EduMagic to rock their college careers.

  • House of Edtech - Learn all about educational technology tools and how to use them in your classroom with a purpose and meaning behind them. I love Chris’ tagline – educational technology isn’t tricky; give it a try!

  • Teachers need Teachers - This podcast is designed for new and beginning educators. Kim Lepre offers sound advice, tangible takeaways, and strategies to help you thrive during the first year of teaching.

  • 10-minute teacher podcast - Vicki Davis hosts this show. She always leaves me with all the teaching feels - inspired, encouraged, and driven to do better for my students. Give it a listen; each day of the week has a different theme, and they are all fantastic.

  • Teachers on Fire - Three words to describe this podcast - uplifting, inspiring, and engaging. He interviews game changers in education and how they take the education world by storm.

  • The Dr. Will Show - I love listening to the Dr. Will show on Monday mornings. His energy and excitement just set the tone of the day. Dr. Will supports educators and entrepreneurs to live their best life. His story is so incredible that he made a movie about it - check out The Edupreneur.

  • Teaching Tales - Brent Coley's energy is contagious, and the stories that he shares will inspire your teaching heart. For more inspiration, Brent recently published a book called EduInfluence.

  • Teacher cast with Jeff Bradbury – Jeff shares practical advice for anyone looking to start their podcast for their professional development or to start with your students.

  • EduMatch Tweet and Talk Sarah interviews game-changers in the educational field. Her energy and excitement are contagious as she interviews her guests and shares educational topics that can benefit all teachers.

There you have it! Some of my favorite podcast shows get me fired up to teach and inform my practice. These shows are on-demand professional development sessions at my fingertips, and I can choose what I hear that day!

💡Share some of the go-to podcasts you use to impact your classroom, pedagogy, and teaching methods.

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