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KDP Convo is a wrap!

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

I attended several sessions about KDP membership engagement and resources during the conference. I gained access to several resources from the conference and a playlist of podcast episodes recorded live from Convo.

One of my favorite sessions was with the Teaching Channel. An interesting fact I learned is that KDP members get free access to teaching channels. Another fantastic resource that I learned about at KDP is Passage Preparation. Members also get free access to this tool to help with teacher licensure exams.

KDP Convo collage
KDP Convo collage

Overall, attending KDP Convo was a fun experience. I enjoyed learning about what chapters are doing to support the profession, from professional development to community-building events. This conference was full of learning and networking opportunities. Don't forget to check out the podcast episodes recorded live at Convo!

  • Live from KDP Convo ACE Inside the Strategies of Award-Winning ASU KDP Chapter -I had the opportunity to interview the winners of the Ace Chapter Award from Angelo State University's KDP chapter. During the interview, I talked to Kathryn, Citalily, Kendall, and Sarah about their experiences with KDP and how it has helped them become better leaders in the educational community. We discussed the impact of KDP on their professional development, public speaking, and community service. Additionally, they shared some valuable tips for applying for the Ace Chapter Award. Join me as we explore the benefits of KDP and gain insights into what it takes to become an Ace Chapter Award winner.

  • Live from KDP Convo Building a Strong KDP Chapter: Insights from Torree and the CMU Chapter - Let's explore the fascinating world of Kappa Delta Pi (KDP) in this episode and delve into the remarkable work carried out by its CMU chapter. Join me as I interview Torree, a member of the CMU chapter, and find out about her experiences at Convo, the tactics her team adopts to engage members, and her advice on how to start or revive a KDP chapter.

  • Live from KDP Convo featuring Passage Preparation -We are broadcasting live from KDP Convo with Nathan and Kristina from Passage Preparation. Passage Preparation offers courses that align with state-specific licensing exams, helping aspiring teachers prepare for certification.

  • Live from KDP Convo featuring Leanna Malinowski - Explore Leanna's journey as an educator and her passion for family engagement in the classroom. Gain insights and strategies to inform educators at all stages of their careers.

  • Live from KDP Convo featuring Khalil Roy - Khalil is a seasoned teacher with eight years of experience. He understands the challenges that new teachers face when it comes to mastering the art of classroom management. During his session, Khalil focuses on three key points to help teachers improve their classroom management skills: building confidence, establishing rapport with students, and knowing their content.

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