Move over Kahoot, there is a new formative assessment tool in town

Hey, as you know I am a huge fan of formative assessments, you know those checks for understanding to make sure your students understand what's going down in class. Formative assessment can be completed during a lesson and through a variety of educational technology tools. One such tool I learned about recently is Blooket. Let me tell you more!

What is it?

Blooket is a game, well actually many mini-games that require participants to answer questions, strategize, and work together. It reminds me of trivia night and Kahoot. Just like with other formative assessment games a teacher can host a session with students, live or have students work at the own pace. In fact, some games are only for student-paced mode.

Where can I find it?

Why use it?

Just like with other formative assessment tools Blooket is engaging and motivating for students to answer and respond to questions. But, not only get answers correct but also work as a team and strategize! It encourages students to cheer each other on as they go through their game quests together.

Features and how to

First, create a free account and add your questions to a set. You can even upload questions from Quizlet! Next, I think the hardest part is choosing a game mode to play with your student there are 8 fun game modes! My top three are:

  • Tower of defense - build towers and protect them!

  • Gold quest - answer questions and strategically you can also steal other players' gold!

  • Café - serve customers and get restaurant upgrades

Next, make it available for students to play choose either host a game or have students play on their own solo mode. As a teacher, you can share your screen or project your screen for all to see. Students join via a code and the link. Then they have fun playing the games!

I have used this with my college students and I enjoyed using Blooket as a review for a test or midterm. They too enjoyed this change of pace to engage them in new ways. Some other ways to use this tool:

  • Anticipatory set

  • Review

  • During lessons to engage students in new learning topics

So check out this new resource and give it a look to see how you can use it in your classroom this upcoming school year!

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